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Fall 2011 Project Director's Meeting Resources
Archived Information

Full Agenda| download files PDF (84K)

Agenda at a Glance |download files PDF (57K)

Meeting Goals and Essential Questions | download files PDF (59K)

Session Descriptions |download files PDF (84K)

Keynote Address  
Dr. Art Jarvis, Superintendent, Tacoma Public Schools, WA| download files PDF (44K)

Plenary Sessions

The Equity Mission
Equity Plenary |download files PDF (218K)
SLC Equity Presentation |download files PDF (1383K)
IDRA Equity Ranking Scale | download files PDF (62K)

Going Deeper with Dilemmas and Challenges Uncovered in the Sessions
Closing Day Activities Day |download files PDF (215K)

From High School to College
Postsecondary Data Workshop |download files PDF (240K)
Postsecondary Data |download files PDF (1104K)
Data Team Responsibilities | download files PDF (154K)
High and Low Capacity Data Use |download files PDF (1435K)
Sample Post-Secondary Data Report |download files PDF (73K)

Ninth Grade Counts
Ninth Grade Transition Presentation |download files PDF (323K)
Why Ninth Grade Matters | download files PDF (74K)
Texas on Track Report Summary |download files PDF (191K)
Promising 9th Grade Transition Strategies Summary |download files PDF (369K)
Appendix A |download files PDF (32K)
Matrix Of Key Elements |download files PDF (109K)
Continuum of Ninth Grade Models |download files PDF (41K)

High Impact Collaborative Planning
SLC Common Planning Time Presentation |download files PDF (1501K)
Missing Link Cover |download files PDF (639K)
Harnessing Teacher Knowledge |download files PDF (173K)
HTK Addenda |download files PDF (112K)
HTK Facilitator Guide |PDF (108K)
CPT Workshop |download files PDF (277K)

Making Changes That Stick
Sustainability Presentation |download files PDF (237K)
Sustainability Workshop |download files PDF (1361K)
Kane County Case Study |download files PDF (120K)

Effective Community Engagement
SLC Communications Presentation |download files PDF (72K)
Communications Workshop |download files PDF (526K)
NESSC Focus Group Report |download files PDF (219K)
Education Message Memo | download files PDF (300K)
SLC Communications Worksheet |download files PDF (208K)

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