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Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR)

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FY 2006 Phase I Awards

Institute of Education Sciences (IES)

Advanced Fuel Research, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Peter Solomon
Technology enhanced science education

Analytic Focus, LLC
Principal Investigator: Charles Cowan
Strategies for providing evidence-based learning opportunities

Principal Investigator: Madhu Nair
Education Data Management Service

Avencia Incorporated
Principal Investigator: Robert Cheetham
Prototype software application

Center for Resource Management
Principal Investigator: Mary Ann Lachat
Data services model to support effective management, analysis, and use of data

Childrens Progress, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Christopher Camacho
Development of assessment technologies for early childhood

Creava, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Hsinchao Liao
Math Messenger

Current Concepts, Inc.
Principal Investigator: P.L. Senger
A virtual launchpad for learning at higher speeds

CYBER Learning Corporation
Principal Investigator: Robert Tennyson
Research on education data management to assist in the acquisition or re-Purposing of testing, environment, and resources data bases to assist educators in meeting the requirements of NCLB

Development Associates
Principal Investigator: Paul Hopstock
Design of an online professional development resource for mainstream teachers of English language learners.

Principal Investigator: Janet Johnson
Data-Management Program

FACET Innovations
Principal Investigator: Tara Madhyastha
From Assessment to Action

Frontier Solutions
Principal Investigator: Dan Friedrich
Technology consulting services

Interactive Training Technologies, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Dee Peterson
Give me 5 for children

KCP Technologies
Principal Investigator: William Finzer
Fathom dynamic data software

Principal Investigator: Natasha Rogoff
A national PBS television & interactive new technology program for children 7-11

Mateo Consulting
Principal Investigator: Patrick Haggood
Consulting framework

MW Productions
Principal Investigator: Doug Weihnacht
Venture Map: Development of a BIN-driven formative assessment engine

Natural Math
Principal Investigator: Dmitri Droujkov
Natural Math: An Empirically Derived Software for Mathematics Education

Polyhedron Learning Media, Inc
Principal Investigator: Jeanne Finstein
Virtual Physics Laboratory

Positive Action, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Carol Allred
Digitizing the K-8 portion of the Positive Action program for web-delivery

Progress Education Corporation
Principal Investigator: Donald Beers
Development of a process methodology to determine the cost of ownership of instructional resources in relation to the benefits of improved student performance

Quantum Simulations
Principal Investigator: Benny Johnson
Artificial intelligence software for individualized math tutoring for students who are blind and visually impaired

Readingware, LLC
Principal Investigator: Robert Berdan
Dynamic offset of text highlighting to build reading fluency

Rockman et al.
Principal Investigator: Beverly Farr
Study of services to support developing an effective school plan: an activity based guide.

Rockman et al.
Principal Investigator: Terri Akey
Study of educational improvement planning system feasibility for promoting effective school improvement and planning.

Principal Investigator: Keith Morical
Educational Scorecard

Ryll International, LLC
Principal Investigator: Marlene Ryll
Differentiated Placement Quality Control Model

Select-O-Sep, LLC
Principal Investigator: Christina Gilpin
Development of an electronic laboratory workbook for teaching high school chemistry

Simiosys Studios
Principal Investigator: Dan Mapes
The Virtual STAR Classroom Simulator

Sirius Thinking, Ltd.
Principal Investigator: Daniel Shanahan
The Between the Lions Digital Den

Software Outfitters, Inc.
Principal Investigator: David Cantwell
The eServe Initiative: An Empirically Supported, Web-based Educational Decision Making Product

South Dakota Health Technology Innovations, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Jeremiah Dibley
Videogame-based inquiry learning module for science literacy

Principal Investigator: William Marshak
Computer-Enhanced Automated Lecture (CEAL)

Tactus Technologies, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Kevin Chugh
TILE: The Tactus Immersive Learning Environment

Tracen Technologies, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Jason Davidson
Student outcomes analysis reporting (SOAR) server

Vogel & Associates
Principal Investigator: Cathi Vogel
Development of Fiscal Management Tools for Charter Schools

Whimsica Toys
Principal Investigator: Daniel Savage
Cinematic sciences, an online 3D simulation platform with real physics and behavioral programming for physical sciences

Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS)
National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitative Research (NIDRR)

AbleLink Technologies, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Steven E. Stock
Evaluation of a Speech Translation Approach Toward Independent Community-Based Communication for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and Speech Impairments

AdamLab, LLC
Principal Investigator: David M. Basile
RF Tag Development Systems for Manipulative Educational Activities

Applied Media Analysis, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Li Huiping
A Smart-Phone Based Text and Sign Reader for Persons with Visual Disabilities

Dancing Dots Braille Music Technology, L.P.
Principal Investigator: William R. McCann
Low Vision Lime: Solution for Low Vision Musicians to Perform, Edit, and Print Music Notation

Intelligent Automation, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Shannon Mayhew
Playmation: A Manipulative Story Animation System to Improve Language, Theory of Mind, and Sequencing Skills in Children with Autism

Koronis Biomedical Technologies Corporation
Principal Investigator: Patrick A. Lichter
System for a Collaborative and Dynamic Wheelchair Navigation Aid

Life Technologies
Principal Investigator: Laurie Ehlhardt
Why Go It Alone? The Use of Public Resources to Enhance Computer Accessibility for Individuals with Cognitive Disabilities

Motion Control, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Harold Sears
Wireless EMG and Improved Mounting System

Obslap Research, LLC
Principal Investigator: Susan E. Palsbo
My Scrivener TM: Innovative Technology to Enhance Fine Motor Function

Vcom3D, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Jason A. Hurdich
Mobile Language Reference for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing K-12 Students

Vocational Consultants Press
Principal Investigator: Lan Kwok
Empirically Supported Job Interviewing Skills Training for People with Disabilities: A Multi-Media Based Computer Simulation Approach

Principal Investigator: Harpreet Singh
Conducting Online Transactions Using Non-Visual Modalities

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