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FY 2002 Phase I Awards

Office of Education Research and Improvement/ Institute of Education Sciences (IES/OERI)

Carnegie Learning, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Steven Ritter
Developing a Methodology for Understanding How Professional Dev Translates

Creative Action, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Ronni Sternsem
The DE-USE System Project

SVR, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Shirley Robson
Parents, Schools and Cultural Mutuality

Principal Investigator: Robert McNergney
Prototypical Case Studies for Evaluation of Math & Science Teachers

The McKenzie Group
Principal Investigator: Joseph Harris
Feasibility Study for the Dev of Science & Math

AbleLink Tecnologies, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Steven Stock

Usteach, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Alfredo Quinteros
Synchronized Multimedia E-book Technology

Iota Solutions, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Matthew Champagne
Next Generation Embedded Tech

The Media Group of CT
Principal Investigator: Harvey Bellin
Remarkable Reading Machine: Your Child

Quantum Simulations
Principal Investigator: Benny Johnson
Artificial Intelligence Software for Student Assess in Chemistry Education

Cerebellum Corp.
Principal Investigator: David Newland
Standard Deviants School Educational CD-ROMS

American Educational Assoc., Inc.
Principal Investigator: Phillip Wilson
Grades 7-14 Web Based Career Pathways Planning Instrument

Ganahal Software, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Brice deGanahl
Curricula Works: An Integrated web-based Application

Learnimation, LLC
Principal Investigator: Sarah Manning
Online Diagnostic Tools for Math Disabilities

Principal Investigator: Mina Johnson
Training the Trainers: The T3 Reading Tutors

Office of Vocational and Adult Education (OVAE)

Mission Critical Technologies
Principal Investigator: Yorgos Stylianos
The Virtual Tutor

CCI Publishing
Principal Investigator: Michael Crawford
Integration of Academics and CTE: Interactive Teaching Modules for Mathematics

Sociometrics Corp.
Principal Investigator: Josefina Card
Using State-of-the-Art Technology, Real-World Data, and Interesting Stories to Teach key math and Science concepts

SplashNotes Systems, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Scott Tse
Software Platform for Development and Implementation of Online Interactiave Vocational and Adult Education

Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS)

SVR, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Shirley Robson
Baby Rubrics

AbleLink Technologies, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Daniel Davies
Pocket Money Coach: A portable money management system to facilitate community access for indeivduals with mental retardation

Dancing Dots Braille Music Tech, LP
Principal Investigator: William McCann
Simplifying Automated Braille Music Production: Intergrating the GOODFELL Braille Music Translator with Mainstream Software

Futures in Rehabilitation Management
Principal Investigator: Linda Bidabe
Assessing, teaching and testing young children with disabilities

AbleLink Technologies, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Steven Stock
Pocket Accessible Communications Enabler (ACE): Providing access to palmtop cmputer wireless communications technologies for individuals with mental retardation

Futures in Rehabilitation Management
Principal Investigator: Michael Cheatham
Intergration of fingerprint technology with on-line employment screening software, to create a product tht is operated by person with disabilities in retail outlets

Vcom3D, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Daniel Roush
SingSync: Software Tools for Synchronizing Sign language access to digital multimedia

Principal Investigator: Anngela Bednarczyk
CD-Rom to teach cued speech

InvoTek, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Thomas Kakobs
Absolute head pointing for accesssing assistive devices

CreateAbility Concepts, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Stephen Sutter
VCAT - on demand transcription services for indivduals wo are deaf or hard of hearing

P.R. Lind and Company
Principal Investigator: Patti Lind
Multi-user, interactive online computer game that improves shool-to-work transition outcomes by developing critical financial skills & encouraging microenterprise as a viable work option

Vcom3D, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Amber Emery
Emergency preparedness training software with universal access

Amazabilty, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Kenneth Ingham
More Accurate voice control system for the disabled

Ready! Set! Sign!!, LLC
Principal Investigator:Daniel Burch
Internet-Based Beginnning Sign Language Course for Hearing Adult Learners

Logical Software Solutions
Principal Investigator: Deepa Gopal
Development of a Nemeth math to Latex backtranslator system

Garrett Technologies, Inc
Principal Investigator: Michael Garrett
Wearable computing system to promote TKA recovery

Omegaware, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Brian Mitchell
A reading device for the Blind

Principal Investigator: Scot Refsland
A real-time spatial environmental navigation and description system for the visually impaired

Talking Lights, LLC
Principal Investigator: Al-Thaddeus Avestruz
Indivdualized wireless network

IDRT, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Carl Jensemp
Intergrating TTY's into PDA's

Automated Functions, Inc
Principal Investigator: Ronald Morford
Remote access screen reader Architecture Math System (RA SRAMS)

Three Rivers Holding, LLC
Principal Investigator: Chris Willems
Development of collapsible folding manual wheelchair

Arlyn Toolworks
Principal Investigator: Joseph Osborne
Developing a versatile, affordable wheelchair mounted robot arm based on the Arlyn FeederBot Design

CreateAbility Concepts, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Stephen Sutter
Supported independence and safety for people with cognitive disabilities

Durable Solutions
Principal Investigator: Cheryl Hein
Computer-based Expert Assistant for curriculum differentiation

TranXecute, Inc
Principal Investigator: Leonard Chang
The Next Generation of Audio-Based Assistive Technology: An instantaneous customizable audio Pegging system

Medicine Rules Corp.
Principal Investigator: Joseph Gartner
Diagnostica K-12: A school centered collaborative framework for mental health monitoring

Motion Control, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Harold Sears
Practical Force-Feedback system for upper limb prosthesis users

Chemica Technologies, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Takuji Tsukamoto
An Innovative dialysis regeneration cartridge for portable hemodialysis

WaveBand Corp.
Principal Investigator: Barnabas Takacs
A Photo-Real interactive virtual teacher

AnthriTronix, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Amy Brisban
Web-based Telerehabilitation for home assessment and monitoring

Play-Based Technologies, LLC
Principal Investigator: Toni Linder
Internet-Based System for Transdisciplinary Assessments of Infants and Toddlers

Adherence Technologies Corp.
Principal Investigator: Alan Letzt
Automated telephone survey with speech recognition

WisdomTools, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Martin Siegal
Scenario-based e-Learning for behavior parent training

Touch Graphics, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Steven Landau
Development of an Authoring Tool to allow teaches to create Audio-Tactile materials for blind or visually impaired students

Visibooks, LLC
Principal Investigator: Chris Charushas
Development of Prototype Illustration-Based Computer Textbook for LD/LEP Students

Photozig, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Bruno Kajiyama
Personal Digital Memories for individuals with memory and cognitive disabilities

Office of Elementary and Secondary Education (OESE)

U.S. DigiComm Corp.
Principal Investigator: Dennis Kozakoff
Design of Technologies Other than Standar Metal Detection Devices

Informant Technologies, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Donna Gaddadon
Creating Safer Schools in Our Communities Using Information Technology

HyperGalaxy, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Darwin Airola
Low Cost, Efficacious Disaster Training System and Courses for Elementary/Secondary School Personnel

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