Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR)

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FY 2001 Phase I Awards

Office of Elementary and Secondary Education (OESE)

Design of Technologies Other than Standard Metal Detection Devices

Informant Technology, Inc.
Creating Safer Schools in Our Communities Using Information Technology

Cleverex Systems, Inc.
Safety in Numbers: A Proof of Concept Demonstration of a Middle-Tier Toolbox that Allows Maximum Flexibility when Designing and Implementing an Automated School-Based Crime and Discipline Application

Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS)

Cybernet Systems Corporation
Mouse-Like Interface for the Hand/Arm Disabled Individual: Head and Eye Tracking System

Intelligent Automation, Inc.
TalkTiles: A Multi-sensory Language Development Tool and Communication Aid

On-Line Instructional Tools for Teaching Mathematical Problem Solving to Learning Disabled Students

Sigma-K Corporation
Cursor Control Camera Headset with Voice Recognition Capabilities

Technology International Incorporated of Virginia (TII)
Tools for Presentation of Visual Transitions of Audio Inputs from Music

Touch Graphics
An Audio/Tactile Accomodation for Improving Access to High Stakes Mathematics Assessments for Students Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired

SORDAL Incorporated
N ASA Polymide Foam for Prosthesis

AbleLink Technologies, Inc.
Pocket Compass TM: A Palmtop Computer-Based Intelligent Aid for Individuals with Mental Retardation to Increase Independence and Self-Determination in Decision Making

AbleLink Technologies, Inc.
Pocket Voyager: Making Palmtop Computers Accessible to Individuals with Mental Retardation

Vcom3D, Inc.
Virtual Interview Exercises for Workplace Success (VIEWS)

Positive Behavioral Solutions, Inc.
Positive Solutions: A Web-based Program for Improving Challenging Behaviors

Extended Home Living Services, Inc.
Home Assessment and Modification in Early Intervention Strategy

Health Science Career Cluster Assessment Project

Bright Futures Press
CyberScenarios for the Transportation, Distribution and Logistics Career Cluster

MW Productions, Inc.
IT Online -- A Simulation Model That Engages Secondary Students in IT Problem Solving

Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI)

Applied Sciences Laboratory, Inc.
Student Advisement and Motivation System

Architecture Technology Corporation
An Educational Agent-based Standards Evaluator (EASE)

Carnegie Speech Company
NativeAccent Kids: An English Pronunciation Trainer for Non-native Children -- Extending Teacher Time and Helping Non-Native Children Catch Up in School

Cerebellum Corporation
Word Up! Software for Remedial Reading Instruction and Computer Training for At-Risk Secondary School Students

Communication Disorder Technology, Inc.
Early Literacy Training System

CYBER Learning Corporation
Research into the Design and Development of a Web-based Universal Design Strategies to Improve Science Education in the United States

Cybernet Systems Corporation
Astronomy Distance Learning System

Digikata, LLC
Open Source Development of Information Appliance Technologies for Comprehensive School Reform

Education Career Alternatives Program (ECAP)
A Wireless Support System to Mentor Career Career-Change Teachers by Using Personal Digital Assistants (PDA's)

Imagination Station, Inc.
Reading Evaluation and Assessment Development or READ

KidBibs International
Development of a Database to Generate Instructional Recommendations for Students and Adults

Knowledge Analysis Technologies, LLC
Latent Semantic Analysis for Auto-Tutors and Assessment in Vocabulary, Writing, and Comprehension

LetsGoLearn, Inc.
Accelerating the Literacy Achievement of Students Through Technology: The Desing and Development of an Individualized, Assessment-Driven, Internet-Based Literacy Intervention

MAXIM Systems, Inc .
The Use of Network Centric Computing to Provide an Integrated Information Technology Solution in Schools

NanoSonic, Inc.
Nanotechnology Demonstration Tool Kits for Secondary School Science Education

REVEAL Technologies, LLC
Ed-ACUMEN: Assessment Rubrics, Advanced Pattern Recogition Algorithms and School Reform

Roeing Corporation
Increasing Student Learning Through the Use of an Interactive Wireless Network of Handheld Computers

South Dakota Health Technology Innovations, Inc.
Integration of Intelligent Tutoring Systems into Middle School Biology Education

Technology International Incorporated of Virginia (TII)
Web-Based Adult Learning Interactive Multimedia (ALIM)

The Providence Group
Web-Based Training for Health Teachers and Other School Personnel for the Enforcement of Title IX and Prevention of Sexual Harassment

Walker Reading Technologies, Inc.
Remote Access to Natural Language Parsing and Enhanced Text Presentation Technology for Improved Reading

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Last Modified: 12/20/2005