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Ready to Learn Television

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CFDA Number: 84.295
Program Type: Cooperative Agreements, Discretionary/Competitive Grants
Also Known As: Ready-to-Learn TV

What's New

New Report on Ready to Learn Television by the Center on Media and Human Development

A new report entitled “The Ready to Learn Program: 2010-1015 Policy Brief” has been released by the Center on Media and Human Development at Northwestern University to provide an overview of the research findings coming out of the Ready to Learn grantees’ efforts to innovate with educational “transmedia” to teach math to young children, ages 2-8.

Journal of Children and Media Publishes Special Section on Ready to Learn Television

The latest issue of The Journal of Children and Media (Volume 10, Issue 2) includes a special section entitled “Transmedia in the Service of Education” that collects six papers by grantees and evaluators of the U.S. Department of Education’s Ready to Learn Television program from 2010-2015. In this special section, guest edited by Shalom Fisch, the authors describe their experiences using television and interactive digital media to teach math skills to young children, ages 2-8. These papers can be found in the issue’s “commentaries” section and are available for free download during the month of April 2016.

Research Studies by Ready to Learn Grantees (2010-2015)

This document collects all of the key research studies produced by Ready to Learn grantees during the recently concluded grant cycle (2010-2015) focusing on the use of transmedia to teach math and literacy.

2015 New Awards Announced!

On September 3, 2015, the Department announced two new award winners in the 2015 Ready-to-Learn Television grant competition. The awards were announced at the Strategy Roundtable, co-hosted by the Office of Early Learning and the Office of Educational Technology at the U.S. Department of Education. For more information about these awards, please visit the press release and Awards section.

Program Description

Ready to Learn Television supports the development of educational television and digital media targeted at preschool and early elementary school children and their families. Its general goal is to promote early learning and school readiness, with a particular interest in reaching low-income children. In addition to creating television and other media products, the program supports activities intended to promote national distribution of the programming, effective educational uses of the programming, community-based outreach, and research on educational effectiveness.

Last Modified: 04/12/2016