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Rehabilitation Training

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For the Long-Term Training program, grantees are required by federal regulation to report data to RSA annually (by November 30th or the nearest weekday after the 30th) on all RSA scholars who receive financial assistance on the RSA website (at Answers to frequently asked questions about the program and the system can be found in the Rehabilitation Long-Term Training Program: Scholarship Manual (PDF, 202KB).

Additionally, below are three common forms that grantees are required to complete when making a scholar request for deferral, waiver, or repayment. The forms are available for download here in MS Word and PDF format.

  • Scholarship Deferral Request Form
    MS Word (74KB) | PDF (40KB)

  • Scholarship Exception/Waiver Request Form
    MS Word (42KB) | PDF (24KB)

  • Repayment of Scholarship Information Form
    MS Word (48KB) | PDF (29KB)

Last Modified: 03/10/2020