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The Substantial Gainful Activity or SGA Project

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Program Office: Rehabilitation Services Administration
CFDA Number: 84.264L
Program Type: Discretionary/Competitive Grants

The SGA Project was funded by RSA in September 2010, to identify, develop, launch, and test an employment model that would increase the likelihood that VR clients who receive only SSDI benefits would receive wages above SGA at closure. As written in the Notice Inviting Applications, the purpose was to identify practices under the control and influence of State VR agencies that would improve earnings outcomes for a very specific population of customers: non-blind SSDI-only beneficiaries who are receiving benefits due to their own work history. The demonstration was divided into two segments: an investigative and development segment (Phase 1) and an implementation and study segment (Phase 2). Phase 1 activities included case studies of eight State VR agencies, administrative data analysis, and Delphi panels leading to the creation of an employment innovation model. Phase 2 involves implementing the employment innovation model with the Kentucky and Minnesota State VR agencies.

Last Modified: 07/06/2017