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The purpose of Reading First is to ensure that all children in America learn to read well by the end of third grade.

Reading First provides assistance to states and districts to establish scientifically based reading programs for students enrolled in kindergarten through grade three. Funds support increased professional development to ensure that all teachers have the skills they need to teach these programs effectively. Reading First also supports the use of screening and diagnostic tools and classroom-based instructional reading assessments to measure how well students are reading and to monitor their progress.

This website is primarily focused on meeting the needs of existing Reading First grantees and subgrantees, as well as other schools and LEAs wishing to implement reading instruction that is grounded in scientifically based reading research (SBRR).

Reading First Topics

  • Sustaining Reading First. Sustainability is not just about operating a program beyond the original funding—it's about permanently shifting a school's culture and instructional leadership to incorporate evidence based literacy instruction into everything it does. Assess your readiness to keep your efforts going. Familiarize yourself with the sustainability literature. Begin to plan your strategy for sustaining Reading First.
  • Instructional Leadership. Positive student literacy outcomes start with great instructional leadership. Access resources to develop instructional leadership for evidence based reading instruction.
  • Professional Development & Technical Assistance. Access professional development and technical assistance resources on a variety of topics related to Reading First.


About Reading First

  • Foundations of Reading First. Learn about the findings of the National Reading Panel, scientifically based reading research (SBRR), and the 5 components of reading instruction.
  • Reading First program page. General overview of Reading First, and the latest policy, guidance, performance data, funding status and award information.
  • Reading First States. Links to State Education Agencies implementing Reading First grants.
  • Contact

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