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US Department of Education Program Staff

Joseph Conaty, Director, (202) 260-8230
James Butler, Group Leader, (202) 260-9737
Deborah Spitz, Team Leader/Program Officer – Eastern Region, (202) 260-3793
Carolyn Lampila, Program Officer – Western Region, (202) 260-0722
Corinne Sauri, Program Officer – Eastern Region, (202) 260-2533
Maria Worthen, Program Officer – Central Region, (202) 205-5632

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Technical Assistance Providers

National Reading First Technical Assistance Center (NRFTAC)
Susan Klaiber, Director, 802-453-4909
Carolyn Lampila, ED Contact

Central Region Reading First Technical Assistance Center (CRRFTAC)
Shari Butler, Director, (512) 617-6161

Eastern Region Reading First Technical Assistance Center (ERRFTAC)
Stuart Greenberg, Director, (850) 644-9352

Western Region Reading First Technical Assistance Center (WRRFTAC)
Stan Paine, Director, (503) 552-5777

Sustainability Project

RMC Arlington
Carolyn Vincent, Director, (703) 558-4807
Maria Worthen, ED Contact

Logistics and Conference Organizer

Miko Group
Brook Muldrow, Director, (405) 321-9111
Carolyn Lampila, ED Contact


American Institutes for Research
Rita Kirshstein, Director, (202) 403-5410
Deborah Spitz, ED Contact

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