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Race to the Top -- Early Learning Challenge

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RTT-ELC Phase 1

Public Input

Technical Assistance

  • 10/5/11 Transcript from RTT-ELC Conference Call download files PDF (69K)

  • 10/5/11 RTT-ELC Application Submission Tips download files PDF (247K)

  • 9/13/11 Transcript of RTT-ELC TA Workshop download files PDF (541K)

  • 9/13/11 RTT-ELC Technical Assistance Workshop Slides
  • 9/1/11 Transcript of RTT-ELC Webinar download files PDF (328K)

  • 9/1/11 RTT-ELC NIA and Application Overview Webinar slides

    • Notes Version download files PDF (2.3M)
    • Slides Version download files PDF (367K)

  • 8/23/11 Transcript from RTT-ELC Stakeholder Call download files PDF (112K)

Peer Review

  • Biographies of Peer Reviewers download files PDF (398K)

  • How Peer Reviewers were selected

    • RTT-ELC Reviewer Agreement download files PDF (49K)
    • RTT-ELC Reviewer Info and Conflict Form download files PDF (147K)
    • RTT-ELC Summary of Conflict of Interest Policy and Procedures download files PDF (57K)
    • RTT-ELC Overview of Review Process download files PDF (53K)
    • RTT-ELC Peer Reviewer Selection Process download files PDF (45K)

Press Releases and Calls

For printed applications contact:

Education Publications Center (ED Pubs)
P.O. Box 1398
Jessup, MD 20794-1398

Tel (toll free): 1-877-433-7827
Fax: 301-470-1244
TDD (toll free):1-877-576-7734


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Last Modified: 05/21/2013