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Race to the Top District (RTT-D)

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FY 2012 Race to the Top—District Application Information
Archived Information

Please note: The grant information below is for historical information only. The competition is closed. Please continue to visit our site for future competition information.



Intent to Apply—2012

The Department strongly encouraged each potential applicant to notify us of the applicant's intent to submit an application for funding by completing a Web-based form by August 30, 2012.

In the tables below, the Department has provided a summary of all intents to apply and a detailed list of potential applicants, including their district, State and grant request information. Prior to posting, the Department did not verify or screen for eligibility and to err on the side of transparency, only obvious duplicate entries were removed. When a potential applicant only included an individual name, we have listed the LEA as "District Not Provided."

Intent to Apply Data

Last Modified: 07/15/2015