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Race to the Top Assessment Program

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Appropriation: Up to $350,000,000 of the $4,350,000,000

Comprehensive Assessment Systems grant category:

  • Award size: $160,000,000

  • Number of awards: 1-2 awards

High School Course Assessment grant category:

  • Award size: $30,000,000

  • Number of awards: 1 award

Note: The Department is not bound by these estimates. The Department will determine the number of awards to be made based on the quality of applications received consistent with the selection criteria. It will also determine the size of an award made to an eligible applicant based on a review of the eligible applicant’s budget. The Department will rank and fund separately applications under each grant category. The Department may use any unused funds designated for this competition to make awards in Phase 2 of the Race to the Top Fund Program.

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Last Modified: 04/06/2010