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Project Prevent Grant Program

Current Section  Purpose
 Office of Elementary and Secondary Education Home

CFDA Number: 84.184M
Program Type: Discretionary/Competitive Grants


This program provides funding to LEAs to increase their capacity both to identify, assess, and serve students exposed to pervasive violence, helping to ensure that affected students are offered mental health services for trauma or anxiety; support conflict resolution programs; and implement other school–based violence prevention strategies in order to reduce the likelihood that these students will later commit violent acts. 


These projects must offer students:  (1) access to school-based counseling services, or referrals to community-based counseling services, for assistance in coping with trauma or anxiety; (2) school-based social and emotional supports for students to help address the effects of violence; (3) conflict resolution and other school-based strategies to prevent future violence; and (4) a safer and improved school environment, which may include, among others, activities to decrease the incidence of harassment, bullying, violence, gang involvement, and substance use.  Applicants must address all four subparts of this absolute priority.

Last Modified: 04/23/2014