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Principal Ambassador Fellowship Program

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To be eligible for the Principal Ambassador Fellowship, applicants must:

  • Anticipate employment as a principal during the 2016-2017 school year in a United States school, including traditional public, charter, virtual, military, tribal and/or private schools that serve any grades preschool through 12th.
  • Have a minimum of five (5) years of experience as a principal. (If the 2015-2016 school year is your fifth year as principal, you are eligible.)
  • Be a United States citizen or permanent resident as required for employment with the Federal Government
  • The ability to gain employer support to sign an Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) agreement for your participation in the program.

Note: Some schools may use different terminology than “principal.” A candidate is considered eligible despite titling differences provided that s/he is the highest administrative official in the school building.

Desirable applicants have:

  • Demonstrable effectiveness as a school leader;
  • A record of effective leadership and team work;
  • Strong communications and analytic skills;
  • Applicable insights from their school and district experiences, particularly with federally funded programs; and
  • Strong school system support.

As the final team of selected Fellows should represent the diversity of our student body and settings in which students receive instruction across the country, the Department encourages principals in schools serving a wide variety of grade spans and in an array of community types, including those with significant numbers of students from high poverty backgrounds, disabilities, or English-language learners, to apply.

The program is open to principals from traditional public, charter, virtual, military, tribal, and private schools and early childhood programs in urban, suburban, or rural settings across the United States.

Last Modified: 11/12/2015