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The Grants to Address Youth Violence and Related Issues for Persistently Dangerous Schools Program supports the implementation of programs, activities, and strategies that address youth violence and related issues in local educational agencies (LEAs) that operate schools that have been identified as persistently dangerous for school year 2006-2007 pursuant to section 9532 of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA), as amended by the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001.


New York City Department of Education
52 Chambers Street
New York, New York 10007
Project Contact: Constance Cuttle
Telephone: 212-374-6834
Award: $2,915,724

The New York City Department of Education will provide services to over 8500 students in 12 schools designated as persistently dangerous. The project seeks to reduce violence and related problems in these schools by providing a school-wide, integrated approach through a consortium of six community-based agencies. Project services will include expansion and improvement of services to high-need and at-risk students; increasing the capacity of school personnel to identify students in need of intensive services and to implement best practices; and increasing student engagement in establishing and maintaining a safe and supportive school community. The most successful of these schools will serve as models for best practices implementation.

Rochester City School District
131 West Broad Street, Rochester
New York 14614
Project Contact: Linda Stagles
Telephone: 585-262-8682
Award: $521,112

Rochester City School District will provide services to over 2000 students in two large urban high schools that have been designated as persistently dangerous. Project goals include reducing violent incidents; reducing student suspensions; connecting students and parents to schools to improve academic success; and increasing students' problem solving and coping skills. Services will include a bullying prevention program, an alternative to suspension program, parenting classes, counseling, leadership development for staff and students, peer mediation skills, and increased building security measures.


The School District of Philadelphia
400 N. Broad Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19130
Project Contact: Marcia Schulman
Telephone: 215-400-4150
Award: $3,660,510

The School District of Philadelphia plans to decrease the number of serious incidents occurring at the 11 schools identified as persistently dangerous (PDS) and 30 schools at risk of becoming PDS through the implementation of its Operation Safe Schools initiative. In addition, the project seeks to decrease the number of schools identified by the State educational agency as persistently dangerous. Project services include vulnerability assessments at the targeted schools; improve, publish and disseminate school-specific comprehensive safety plans; customize and implement researched-based, school safety strategies; identify, train, and deploy 162 Safety Support Specialists; build school capacity to sustain implemented strategies; and publish a lessons-learned manual and related training for district-wide dissemination.


Todd County School District
P.O. Box 87
Mission, South Dakota 57555
Project Contact: Dennis Gaspar
Telephone: 605-856-4869 ext. 236
Award: $163,975

Todd County School District will provide services to over 2200 students in 12 schools district-wide. This includes the one high school, which has been designated as persistently dangerous. Overall, the project seeks to reduce the incidence of violence in district schools through training and partnerships with local law enforcement and reduce the presence of unauthorized individuals on its high school campus. Over $300,000 in non-Federal funds will be used to support this project. Project services include conflict resolution training and intervention training for support staff, i.e., teacher aides, janitors, bus driver, cooks. The overall goal for this project is to provide a network of services, supports and activities that promote safety and create a safe school environment.


Donna Independent School District
116 North 10th Street
Hidalgo, Texas 78537
Project Contact: Fred Zambrano
Telephone: 956-464-1600
Award: $1,332,679

Donna Independent School District will provide services to approximately 5600 students in 5 schools. The project seeks to turn the two high schools that have been designated as persistently dangerous into model schools and prevent the three feeder middle schools from becoming persistently dangerous by building student resiliency and self-motivation in students. The project services include substance abuse prevention services for students and families; implementing research-based curricula and model programs; strengthening and expanding community policing and school security; training for school staff, student leaders and parents; and increasing the schools capacity for providing mental health and treatment referral.

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