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Current grantees under the National Activities-Technical Assistance and Dissemination program, as of June 1, 2015, are listed below. For more information on specific projects, including project abstracts and contact information, please visit the Office of Special Education Program's Discretionary Grants Public Database at: To locate a specific project in that database, search using its grant/PR number. The Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) of the initial grant award for a project is indicated by the two digits following the second alpha (e.g., H323A110005 was first awarded in FFY 2011).

84.326A: The IDEA Partnership Project
PR # Awardee
H326A080002 NASDSE

84.326C: State Technical Assistance Projects to Improve Services and Results for Children who are Deaf-Blind
PR # Awardee
H326C080004 University of South Dakota
H326C080005 Maryland State Department of Education
H326C080006 Special Education Service Agency
H326C080007 Lancaster Lebanon IU 13/PaTTAN
H326C080008 University of Hawaii CDS
H326C080009 San Francisco State University
H326C080010 University of Florida
H326C080011 Virginia Commonwealth University
H326C080012 Vanderbilt University
H326C080013 University of Hawaii CDS
H326C080015 Delaware Department of Education
H326C080016 North Carolina Department of Public Instruction
H326C080017 Indiana State University
H326C080018 University of Idaho, CDHD
H326C080019 West Virginia Department of Education
H326C080020 University of Dayton
H326C080021 Arizona State Schools for the Deaf and Blind
H326C080022 South Carolina School for the Deaf and Blind
H326C080023 Nebraska Department of Education
H326C080024 Perkins School for the Blind
H326C080025 Perkins School for the Blind
H326C080026 Perkins School for the Blind
H326C080027 Perkins School for the Blind
H326C080028 Georgia State University Research Foundation, Inc.
H326C080029 Research Foundation CUNY-Queens College
H326C080030 Arkansas Department of Education
H326C080031 Texas Education Agency
H326C080032 Utah State Office of Education
H326C080034 University of Oklahoma
H326C080035 Iowa Braille and Sight Saving School
H326C080036 Western Oregon University
H326C080037 Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
H326C080038 Kentucky Department of Education
H326C080039 The College of New Jersey
H326C080040 Montana Office of Public Instruction
H326C080041 Central Michigan University
H326C080042 University of Southern Mississippi
H326C080043 Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
H326C080044 Colorado Department of Education
H326C080045 University of Vermont
H326C080046 Life Span Institute at the University of Kansas
H326C080047 Louisiana Department of Education
H326C080048 University of Alabama, Birmingham
H326C080049 Illinois State Board of Education
H326C080050 University of Nevada, Reno
H326C080051 Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction
H326C080053 North Dakota Department of Public Instruction
H326C080054 Rhode Island College
H326C080056 Minnesota Department of Education
H326C080057 University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center
H326C080058 Wyoming Department of Education
H326C090002 Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Dept. of Ed., Assoc. Secretariat of   Special Ed.

84.326D: Center on Dispute Resolution
PR # Awardee
H326D080001 Direction Service, Inc.

84.326D: Postsecondary Education Center for Individuals who are Deaf
PR # Awardee
H326D110003 The University Corporation

326E: National Technical Assistance Center on Improving Transition to Postsecondary Education and Employment for Students with Disabilities
PR # Awardee
H326E140004 University of North Carolina at Charlotte

84.326G: National Assessment Center
PR # Awardee
H326G110002 University of Minnesota/Regents

84.326J: Transition to College and Careers Center
PR # Awardee
H326J110001 The University of North Carolina—Charlotte

84.326K: Technical Assistance Center to Support Implementation of Evidence-based Practices
PR # Awardee
H326K120004 University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill

84.326L: Technical Assistance Center on Outcomes for Infants, Toddlers, and Preschool Children with Disabilities
PR # Awardee
H326L080001 SRI International

84.326M: Model Demonstration Projects on Tiered Approaches for Improving the Writing Proficiency of High School Students
PR # Awardee
H326M090001 University of Hawaii
H326M090003 University of Kansas Center for Research, Inc.

84.326M: Model Demonstration Projects for English Learners With or At Risk of Having a Disability
PR # Awardee
H326M110001 University of Colorado, Boulder
H326M110003 University of Texas, Austin
H326M110010 University of Texas, Austin

84.326M: Model Demonstration Projects on Reentry of Students with Disabilities from Juvenile Justice Facilities into Education, Employment, and Community Programs
PR # Awardee
H326M120002 Regents of the University of Minnesota
H326M120004 Arizona Board of Regents for Arizona State University
H326M120007 University of Oregon

84.326N: National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities
PR # Awardee
H326N110002 FHI Development 360 LLC

84.326Q: National Center for Students with Disabilities Who Require Intensive Interventions
PR # Awardee
H326Q110005 FHI Development 360 LLC

84.326P: Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center
PR # Awardee
H326P120002 University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill

326R: Center for Systemic Improvement
PR # Awardee
H326R140006 WestEd

84.326R: Regional Resource Centers (RRCs)
PR # Awardee
H326R100002 Auburn University - Montgomery
H326R090002 WestEd
H326R090003 Utah State University
H326R090005 University of Kentucky Research Foundation
H326R090007 University of Oregon
H326R090008 University of Minnesota/Regents

84.326S: Center on Positive Behavioral Supports
PR # Awardee
H326S080003 University of Oregon

84.326U: National Center on Postsecondary Outcomes for Students with Disabilities
PR # Awardee
H326U090001 University of Oregon

84.326W: National Dropout Prevention Center for Students with Disabilities
PR # Awardee
H326W080003 Clemson University

84.326Y: Technical Assistance Center for Inclusive School-wide Reform
PR # Awardee
H326Y120005 University of Kansas Center for Research

84.326Z: Technical Assistance Coordination Center
PR # Awardee
H326Z110002 FHI Development 360 LLC

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