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This information is for historical purposes only.

Performance Guidance This document is intended to assist applicants and grantees in developing a framework for project goals, performance objectives, and activities.

download icon 2022 Performance Measures (PDF, 68K)

download icon 2021 Performance Measures (PDF, 90K)

download icon Performance Measures (MS WORD, 33K) This document describes GPRA measures applicable to the National Professional Development (NPD) program.

download icon 2013 Performance Measures Report (MS WORD, 72K) This document reports actual performance data on NPD GPRA measures for 2011-2012.

download icon Grant Performance Report Form and Instructions (MS WORD, 194K) This document includes the customized grantee performance report form and instructions the NPD grantees use to report annual, complete data, and final performance reports.

Example of a Completed Annual Performance Report This document serves as a useful tool when completing the grantee annual performance report.

download files PowerPoint on Grantee Performance Reporting (MS PP, 1.27M) This power point slide covers information on grantee reporting requirements.

download icon Annual Performance Report Q&As (MS WORD, 27K) This document provides answers to commonly asked questions about grantee performance reporting.

download icon GPRA Indicators and Contextual Summaries: Projects First Funded 2007: FY 2010-2011 Reporting This is a draft report on the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) Indicators for the 2007 cohort of National Professional Development (NPD) program grantees. It summarizes fourth-year (FY 2010-11) reports provided by projects first funded in 2007 under the NPD program.

Last Modified: 09/28/2022