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Learning from Six High Poverty, High Achieving Blue Ribbon Schools — 2003
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Introduction: Shared Qualities [downloadable files] PDF (46 KB) | Word (29 KB)

The Profiles: Schools were chosen by numbers of students eligible for free and reduced-price lunches, high state test scores, and diversity of size, grade levels, and geographic locations.

  • Brentwood Elementary School, Victorville, CA
    [downloadable files] PDF (1 MB) | Word (338 KB)
    Located in the greater Los Angeles area, Brentwood has met the challenge of population growth-an increase of 72% over 5 years-with creativity and commitment.

  • Charter Oak Primary School, Peoria, IL
    [downloadable files] PDF (889 KB) | Word (337 KB)
    Serving a mix of low-income, upper middle class, and inner city students, Charter Oak's philosophy of inclusion has raised the academic achievement of all students.

  • Frank T. Simpson-Waverly Elementary School, Hartford, CT
    [downloadable files] PDF (612 KB) | Word (306 KB)
    Serving children from the poorest and most crime-ridden neighborhoods in the city, the principal, teachers, and the student assessment team have moved Simpson-Waverly to the top performance level in the state.

  • Joseph Rodman West Elementary School, Washington DC
    [downloadable files] PDF (2 MB) | Word (304 KB)
    With one in five students having limited English proficiency and one in ten identified as having special needs, this urban school has harnessed technology to individualize instruction and create a strong school community.

  • Skidmore-Tynan Elementary School, Skidmore, TX
    [downloadable files] PDF (961 KB) | Word (705 KB)
    Strong family ties, a long history of school involvement, and intensive planning make this small, rural elementary school the heart of its community.

  • Turtle Hook Middle School, Uniondale, NY
    [downloadable files] PDF (658 KB) | Word (341 KB)
    Well-aligned, district-wide core curricula, regular assessment, and a range of student supports drove this middle school's notable turnaround.

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Last Modified: 06/22/2005