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Performance Reports

If you receive a grant under this competition, you must ensure that the necessary processes and systems are developed to comply with the reporting requirements in 2 CFR part 170 should you receive funding under the competition. This does not apply if you have an exception under 2 CFR 170.110(b).

At the end of the project period, the grantee must submit a Final Performance Report, including financial information, as directed by the Secretary. If a grantee receives a multi-year award, it must submit an Annual Performance Report that provides the most current performance and financial expenditure information as directed by the Secretary under 34 CFR 75.118. The Secretary may also require more frequent performance reports under 34 CFR 75.720(c). For specific requirements on reporting, please go to

Performance Measures

Under the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) of 1993 and for purposes of Department reporting under CFR 75.110, the Department will use the following performance measures to evaluate the success of the Modeling and Simulation Program:

  1. The number of students enrolled in the established modeling and simulation programs, including major, minor, career-track, certificate, and concentration programs.
  2. The number of new modeling and simulation courses developed under the MSP that reflect emerging developments in the modeling and simulation field.

Last Modified: 11/09/2021