Migrant Education Program
Preliminary Guidance for Title I, Part C
Public Law 103-382

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  1. Introduction
    1. High Standards for all Children--with the Elements of Education Aligned, so that Everything is Working Together to Help Students Reach those Standards
    2. Links With Other Education Legislation
    3. Coordination Across Education Programs
    4. Interstate, Intrastate, and Interagency Coorination
    5. Advocacy and Outreach Through Interagency Coordination
  2. Resources Targeted to Where Needs are Greatest
    1. Identification and Recruitment
    2. Student Eligibility
    3. Procedures for Documenting Eligibility
    4. Sample Certificate of Eligibility
    5. Eligibility Flow Chart
    6. Comprehensive Needs Assessment and Service Delivery Plan
    7. Subgranting
    8. Priority for Serving Migrant Students
  3. A Focus on Teaching and Learning
    1. Serving Migrant Children in Schoolwide Programs
    2. Use of MEP Funds to Provide Title I, Part A Services to Migrant Students in Targeted Assistance Schools
  4. Links Among Schools, Parents, and Communities
  5. Flexibility to Support Local School-Based and District Innovation, Coupled with Responsibility for Student Performance
  6. Appendix A -- Resources for Technical Assistance

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Last Modified: 05/15/2009