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Grants for the Integration of Schools and Mental Health Systems

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Grants for the Integration of Schools and Mental Health Systems
FY 2006 New Grant Awards


This program provides grants to State or local educational agencies or Indian tribes to increase student access to high-quality mental health care by developing innovative approaches that link school systems with the local mental health system. Entities receiving grants under this program will:

  • Enhance, improve, or develop collaborative efforts between school-based service systems and mental health service systems to provide, enhance, or improve prevention, diagnosis, and treatment services to students;
  • Enhance the availability of crisis intervention services;
  • Provide training for school and mental health professionals;
  • Provide consultation to school systems, mental health agencies, and families participating in the program; and
  • Provide linguistically appropriate and culturally competent services.

During the project, grantees will develop a detailed interagency agreement with their partners that will establish, at a minimum, the financial responsibility for services; conditions and terms of responsibility for services, including quality, accountability, and coordination of services; conditions and terms of reimbursement among entities that are parties to the agreement, including dispute resolutions protocols, and policies and procedures to ensure appropriate parental or caregiver consent for any planned services, consistent with State or local laws or requirements. Required project partners include State educational agencies, local educational agencies or Indian tribes, State or local public mental health authorities, and juvenile justice authorities.

FY 2006 New Grant Awards



Alhambra Alhambra Unified School District
Contact: Laurel Bear
(626) 308-2383



Centennial Cherry Creek School District Arapahoe #5
Contact: Gail Ploen
(303) 550-4889


Adams County School District #50
Contact: Jacalyn Whittington
(720) 542-4528




Land O'Lakes The District School Board of Pasco County
Contact: Lizette Alexander
(813) 794-2362



Springfield Illinois State Board of Education
Contact: Christopher Koch
(217) 782-4870


Regional Office of Education #32
Contact: Debra Baron
(815) 936-4606




Baldwin City East Central Kansas Cooperative in Education
Contact: Christina Mann
(785) 830-1822



Rockland North River Collaborative
Contact: Joanne Sullivan
(781) 878-6056 ext. 101



Lincoln Lincoln Public Schools
Contact: Deila Steiner
(402) 436-1988


New Hampshire

Londonderry New Hampshire School Administrative
Unit #12
Contact: Peter Curro
(603) 432-6920


New York

Yorkshire Yorkshire Pioneer Central School
Contact: Kay Kilburn
(716) 492-9485


Rochester City School District
Contact: Marjorie Lefler
(585) 262-8238




Hillsboro Northwest Regional Education
Service District
Contact: Laney Coulter
(503) 614-1250



Bellwood Bellwood-Antis School District
Contact: Evelyn Madison
(814) 889-6901



Salt Lake City Utah State Office of Education
Contact: Carol Anderson
(801) 538-7727



South Burlington South Burlington School District
Contact: Betsy Cain
(802) 860-3561

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Last Modified: 09/07/2006