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Mississippi 2010 Grant Abstract

Grantee Name:

Cleveland School District

Project Name:

Magnet Schools Assistance Program

Project Director:

Beverly B. Hardy


(662) 748-2734


Number of Schools Served:


Number of Students Served:


Year 1 Funding:


Total (3-Year) Funding:


This application is from Cleveland School District (CSD) located in the Mississippi Delta Area. CSD enrolls 3,530 students of which sixty-seven (67%) are minority. Almost all of its minority students are African-Americans. 81% of the students are from low-income families.

The results this project expects to achieve through the project objectives are:

Objective 1: To eliminate, reduce, or prevent minority group isolation in the target school without negatively impacting feeder schools (MSAP Purpose 1).

Objective 2: To design and develop innovative educational methods and practices, which promote diversity and increase choices for parents and students (MSAP Purpose 3).

Objective 3: To improve the capacity of Cleveland Public Schools, including through professional development, to continue operating the magnet school at a high performance level (MSAP Purpose 5).

Objective 4: To develop and implement magnet school programs that provide all students the opportunity to meet challenging State academic content standards and student academic achievement standards (MSAP Purpose 2).

Objective 5: To develop courses of instruction that will substantially strengthen student knowledge of academic subjects and the attainment of tangible and marketable vocational, technological, and professional skills (MSAP Purpose 4).

Objective 6: To ensure that all students enrolled in the magnet school program have equitable access to high quality education programs that will enable all students to succeed academically and continue with postsecondary education or productive employment (MSAP Purpose 6).

With MSAP funds, the Cleveland School District will implement one new magnet school program: B.L. Bell Academy for Math, Science, and Health Education for grades Pre-K – 6 with a student population of 375 students.

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Last Modified: 12/21/2010