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Government Performance Results Act (GPRA)

Improving Literacy Through School Libraries is subject to the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA). The GPRA requires each agency and program to set targets for its performance; measure progress toward those targets; report on whether or not the targets have been met; and describe future strategies for continued striving toward those targets. This process is designed to improve program management, and to help Congress, the Department of Education, the Office of Management and Budget, and others review a program’s progress toward its goals. Under the GPRA, the Secretary has established the following three (3) measures for evaluating the overall effectiveness of the LSL program:

  • The percentage of students in schools served by the Improving Literacy Through School Libraries program who are proficient in reading;
  • The number of books and media resources purchased per student, pre- and post-grant, compared to the national average; and
  • The difference in the number of purchases of school library materials (books and media resources) between schools participating in the Improving Literacy Through School Libraries program and the national average.

All grantees must provide information on these performance measures in the required final performance report.

Grantee Performance Report Information

Grantee Performance Report Information

Note to All LSL 2010 Grantees:

Your performance period will end on August 31, 2011, and your performance report is due on November 30, 2011. Please submit your APR electronically in PDF or MS Word format.

If you have any questions please contact by e-mail or telephone at 202-260-2514.

A SPECIAL MESSAGE FOR LSL 2008 AND 2009 GRANTEES: If you were unable to previously send in your performance report, please follow the instructions above. If you had an approved no-cost time extension, then your performance report was due within 90 days after the last day of the approved no-cost time extension.

ED Program Performance Plans and Reports



  • The Improving Literacy through School Libraries Evaluation Final Report (2005)
  • The Improving Literacy through School Libraries Evaluation, Second Evaluation download files WORD
  • (2009)

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Last Modified: 06/14/2011