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Program Office: Office of School Support and Technology Programs

CFDA Number: 84.298
Program Type: Formula Grants
Also Known As: Title V, Part A


This is a state-administered formula grant program designed to improve student academic achievement and the quality of education for all students. Funding may be used for the following purposes: to support local education reform efforts; to provide funding to enable SEAs and LEAs to implement promising education reform programs and school improvement programs that rely on scientifically based research; to provide a continuing source of innovation and education improvement, including support programs that provide library services and instructional and media materials; to meet the education needs of all students, including at-risk youths; and to develop and implement education programs to improve school, student, and teacher performance, including professional development activities and class-size reduction programs. Funded programs must be: (1) tied to promoting challenging academic achievement standards; (2) used to improve student academic achievement; and (3) part of an overall education reform strategy.


The program provides funding for 27allowable program areas, including instructional and educational materials, technology, school improvement, school and education reform, and meeting the education needs of at-risk students.

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Last Modified: 08/21/2014