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Investing in Innovation Fund (i3)

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The Department is proud to announce the 2014 highest-rated i3 applications.

The Department has identified the 26 highest-rated i3 applications under the FY 2014 competition.

The press release announcing the i3 program's highest-rated applications is located HERE.

CLICK HERE to view the 2014 HRA grantee locations.
CLICK HERE to view the 2014 HRA grantee implementation sites.

The Department has published reviewers' comments and scores for all of the FY 2014 highest-rated i3 applications, as well as application narratives for the highest-rated Scale-up, Validation, or Development applications.

The following are documents related to the Secretary's announcement:

  • Detailed list of the 2014 Highest-Rated i3 Applications. The list of highest-rated applications is organized by grant type (i.e. Scale-up, Validation, or Development) and then by Absolute Priority within grant type. The list is not organized by rank order. download filesMS Excel (133KB)
  • Summary of the characteristics of the 2014 Highest-Rated Applications. This document includes summary information on the type of grant, priorities addressed, and geographic focus of the 2014 highest-rated applications. download filesPower Point (3.69MB)
  • Overview of the 2014 i3 Review Process. This document provides an overview of the Department's rigorous review process of i3 application. download filesMS Word (126KB)

Before receiving an i3 grant, the highest-rated applications must secure a private-sector match:

  • Securing the i3 Private-Sector Match. This document describes the i3 matching requirement. download filesMS Word (51 KB)
  • Examples of Adequate Evidence of a Private-Sector Match. We provide examples of the type of documentation that, if submitted to the Department, would be deemed as adequate evidence of a private-sector match. download filesMS Word (46.5KB)
    Also provided is an optional sample summary sheet to assist in recording private-sector matches. download filesMS Excel (34.5 KB)

Last Modified: 11/07/2014