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Please Note: The information below pertains to the 49 2010 i3 Grantees

The Department is pleased to announce the 2010 i3 Grantees.

The Department is pleased to confirm that all 49 highest-rated i3 applicants have secured their required private-sector matches. Following completion of various mandatory processes, we look forward to formally obligating funds and naming these applicants as i3 grantees later this month. We recognize and appreciate the hard work that so many individuals and organizations have put into securing these resources. In addition to the tremendous effort of the 49 highest-rated i3 applicants, we would also like to acknowledge the many national, local, community, corporate and individual donors who generously provided matching funds and demonstrated their commitment to innovation in education.

Summary of the matching funding secured by the 2010 i3 Grantees.
MS PowerPoint (219KB)

Examples of Adequate Evidence of a Private-Sector Match. We have provided six examples of the type of documentation that, if submitted to the Department, would be deemed by us as adequate evidence of a private-sector match. download files PDF (437KB)


Press release announcing i3 program's highest rated applicants.

Following are several documents related to the Secretary's announcement:

  • Detailed list of the 2010 Highest-Rated i3 Applicants-(445KB).
    The list of highest-rated applicants is organized by grant type (i.e., Scale-Up, Validation, and Development) and then alphabetically within grant type. The list is not organized by rank order.

  • Summary of the characteristics of the 2010 Highest-Rated Applicants-(447KB).
    Updated: The table listing i3 highest-rated applications by competitive preference priority has been updated to correctly reflect that 19 highest-rated applicants claimed the rural competitive preference priority.

    This document includes summary information on the type of grant, priorities addressed and geographic focus of the 2010 Highest-Rated Applicants.

  • FAQs related to the Secretary's announcement-(461KB).
    This document attempts to address those questions most likely to arise when reviewing today’s announcement and related documents.

  • Reviewers' comments and scores for all of the 2010 highest-rated i3 applicants, as well as application narratives for the highest-rated Scale-Up, Validation and Development applicants.

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Last Modified: 05/10/2011