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Competitions are held annually, contingent on the availability of funds.

Current competition: FY 2018
Applications available: June 6, 2018
Application deadline: July 26, 2018

Federal Register Notices

Current Application

Applications for FY 2018 must be submitted online through Grants.gov on or before July 26, 2018.

  • FY 2018 UISFL Application Instructions: MS Word (466K)

Tips and Assistance

A pre-application technical assistance webinar for the FY 2018 UISFL program competition will soon be available.

Please reference the official FY 2018 application instructions package (posted above), and the Notice Inviting Applications (posted above) for more information regarding the application process.

Application Contacts

Tanyelle Richardson, tanyelle.richardson@ed.gov, (202) 453-6391

U.S. Department of Education
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International and Foreign Language Education (IFLE)
Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Language (UISFL) Program
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