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FY 2022 - FY 2025

  • List of grantees and project abstracts: PDF (507K)
  • Google Map of FY 2023 IFLE Grantees
  • Google Map of FY 2022 IFLE Grantees
  • Funded applications from the FY 2022-2025 LRC grant competition:
    • P229A220012 California State University, Fullerton: MS Word (298K)
    • P229A220013 City University of New York: MS Word (314K)
    • P229A220002 Duke University: MS Word (621K)
    • P229A220015 Georgetown University: MS Word (130K)
    • P229A220022 Georgia State University: MS Word (677K)
    • P229A220017 Indiana University (African languages): MS Word (236K)
    • P229A220014 Indiana University (Central Asian languages): MS Word (110K)
    • P229A220008 Michigan State University: MS Word (214K)
    • P229A220016 Pennsylvania State University: MS Word (102K)
    • P229A220011 University of Arizona: MS Word (1M)
    • P229A220024 University of California, Los Angeles: MS Word (290K)
    • P229A220021 University of Cincinnati: MS Word (373K)
    • P229A220028 University of Hawaii: MS Word (1M)
    • P229A220020 University of Maryland, College Park: MS Word (1M)
    • P229A220007 University of Minnesota: MS Word (986K)
    • P229A220018 University of Oregon: MS Word (443K)

FY 2018 - FY 2021

  • List of grantees and project abstracts: MS Word (406K) | PDF (457K)

FY 2014 - FY 2017



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