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FY 1999 Awards and Activities

  1. South Mountain Community College, Phoenix, AZ
    (1st Year Request: $378,770.00)
    Increase student persistence and transition more students from ESL and Developmental Education to college level courses.  Offer new occupational certificate programs to meet community needs.

  2. Allan Hancock College, Santa Maria, CA
    (1st Year Request: $417,758.00)
    Strengthen developmental programs to increase student success.  Establish a Transfer Achievement Program to increase the number of students who attend four year universities.

  3. California State University, Dominguez Hills, CA
    (1st Year Request: $418,120.00)
    Creation of a "fast track" program to improve systems, services and liberal studies for transfer students.

  4. California State University, San Bernardino, CA
    (1st Year Request: $386,966.00)
    Establishment of two additional college locations (Distributed Learning Networks-DLN).  Increase endowment and enhance the Development Program.

  5. College of the Sequoias, Visalia, CA
    (1st Year Request: $405,370.00)
    The creation of a "fast track" to college by infusing technology and piloting a culturally responsive approach to teaching.

  6. East Los Angeles College, Los Angeles, CA
    (1st Year Request: $418,024.00)
    Improve student retention and success in Mathematics, Physics and Engineering through access to computers.

  7. Glendale Community College, Glendale, CA
    (1st Year Request: $418,120.00)
    Improving access and success for students by developing new and improving existing programs, management and building fiscal capabilities.

  8. Long Beach City College, Long Beach, CA
    (1st Year Request: $418,120.00)
    Development of strategies to increase and support student retention and success.

  9. Mt. San Antonio College, Walnut, CA
    (1st Year Request: $418,120.00)
    Increase student success in Mathematics courses, providing support to at- risk students and promote fiscal stability.

  10. West Hills Community College, Coalinga, CA
    (1st Year Request: $418,036.00)
    Improve faculty, curriculum, academic instruction, management, student services and acquisition of equipment through a programmatic and computerized system.

  11. Miami-Dade Community College, Wolfson Campus, Miami, FL
    (1st Year Request: $380,288.00)
    Improve student success through a Tele-counseling/communication Center.  Develop a Hospitality Management B.S. degree to meet community demands.

  12. St. Thomas University, Miami, FL
    (1st Year Request: $417,353.00)
    Strengthen academic programs through the development of faculty, infrastructure and distance learning.

  13. Valencia Community College, Osceola, FL
    (1st Year Request: $418,120.00)
    Faculty development:  use learning strategies and technologies to improve student learning outcomes through Learning Communities.

  14. Robert Morris College, Chicago, IL
    (1st Year Request: $423,691.00)
    Strengthen institutional management and academic programs through a comprehensive information system and B.A. degree in high-demand fields.

  15. St. Augustine College, Chicago, IL
    (1st Year Request: $413,241.00)
    Improve learning/teaching resources through computer-based instruction, smart classrooms, on-line databases language labs, testing/placement, assessment and Instructional Reinforcement Services.

  16. Passaic County Community College, Paterson, NJ
    (1st Year Request: $351,656.00)
    Increase student achievement and persistence through developmental programs.  Improve enrollment and student support services.

  17. Luna Vocational Technical Institute, Las Vegas, NM
    (1st Year Request: $417,830.00)
    Increase student success through faculty and staff development.  Provide access through Distance Learning.  Increase fiscal stability through funds development.

  18. New Mexico Junior College, Hobbs, NM
    (1st Year Request: $415,409.00)
    Improve Student Services through new intervention strategies, academic programs through new instructional strategies and methodologies and increase endowment resources.

  19. University of New Mexico-Valencia, Los Lunas, NM
    (1st Year Request: $418,120.00)
    Improve student success by developing student services, teaching/learning strategies and use of technology in the classroom, while developing a centralized management information system.

  20. Boricua College, New York, NY
    (1st Year Request: $418,120.00)
    Improvement of administrative management and use of technology for faculty development and student academic success.

  21. Bronx Community College (CUNY), Bronx, NY
    (1st Year Request: $418,120.00)
    Improve Freshman year outcomes and effectiveness of instruction through a new "Center for Teaching Excellence."

  22. LaGuardia Community College (CUNY), Long Island City, NY
    (1st Year Request: $417,655.00)
    Establishment of a Center for Excellence in Teaching with the use of technology to enable students to gain a competitive edge in both college and the workplace.

  23. Lehman College (CUNY), Bronx NY
    (1st Year Request: $418,120.00)
    Improve student retention through the development of a seven stage comprehensive model.

  24. Bayamon University College (UPR), Bayamon, PR
    (1st Year Request: $418,120.00)
    Curriculum enhancement in Math, English, and Spanish and establishment of an External Resource Office.

  25. Ponce University College (UPR), Ponce, PR
    (1st Year Request: $418,016.00)
    Strengthen student basic communication and math skills through the use of educational technology across the curriculum for all academic programs.

  26. Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico, Ponce PR
    (1st Year Request: $416,973.00)
    Academic improvement through the use of new technologies and support structure for science and math programs.

  27. Universidad del Turabo, Gurabo, PR
    (1st Year Request: $406,480.00)
    Strengthen academic achievement, student retention, academic programs and faculty development through improved student support services, curriculum revision and use of technology.

  28. University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez, PR
    (1st Year Request: $418,120.00)
    Improve clearinghouse capabilities for decision making, strategic planning and policy formulation, enhance student training and research at sea and significantly improve library skills of students.

  29. University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras, PR
    (1st Year Request: $418,120.00)
    Improve undergraduate skills through the use of new technologies and the development of an institutional data management system (IDMS).

  30. Houston Community College System, Houston, TX
    (1st Year Request: $410,131.00)
    Faculty development and success in student retention by infusing technology into the curriculum.

  31. Howard College, Big Spring, TX
    (1st Year Request: $414,556.00)
    Establishment of a Center for Teaching Excellence and infusion of new ways of teaching through the use of technical and instructional technology.

  32. Laredo Community College, Laredo, TX
    (1st Year Request: $418,119.00)
    Improve student success in science with up-to-date laboratories and equipment, endowment and faculty to revise the curriculum using technology and retention strategies in the classroom.

  33. San Jacinto College North, Houston TX
    (1st Year Request: $400,085.00)
    Development of a comprehensive student-oriented program and Departmental Student Centered Services unit to promote student persistence and comfort level.

  34. St. Mary's University of San Antonio, TX
    (1st Year Request: $423,690.00)
    Improvement of faculty, instructional facilities and development office to improve quality, access and contributions by alumni.

  35. Sul Ross State University-Rio Grande College, Uvalde, TX
    (1st Year Request: $417,570.00)
    Improve student services and core teacher education to significantly increase student retention and other student outcomes.

  36. Texas A&M University, Kingsville, TX
    (1st Year Request: $423,691.00)
    Strengthen student services and academic advisement to improve retention, student success and implement a technology-based comprehensive developmental education program.

  37. University of the Incarnate Word, San Antonio, TX
    (1st Year Request: $256,965.00)
    Faculty development by examining teaching, globalization, technology, mentoring and successful recruitment and retainment of Hispanic and other minority faculty.

  38. University of Texas at Brownsville, Brownsville TX
    (1st Year Request: $418,120.00)
    Increase student retention by improving academic programs within an integrated program of faculty development and student support services.

  39. University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio, TX
    (1st Year Request: $388,120.00)
    Establishment of Learning Communities by faculty and students working collaboratively toward shared and significant academic goals and where competition is de-emphasized.


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