Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship Program

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This program was not funded in FY 2012, as in FY 2011 when the Continuing Appropriations Act eliminated awards for scholarship support to students under this program. Students are urged to investigate other opportunities available for grants, loans, and scholarships by visiting http://studentaid.ed.gov or http://www.ed.gov.

Program Office: State Service

CFDA Number: 84.185A
Program Type: Formula Grants
Also Known As: Byrd Honors Scholarships

Have Questions About Byrd Honors Scholarships?

Program Description

This program, which is federally funded and state-administered, is designed to recognize exceptionally able high school seniors who show promise of continued excellence in postsecondary education. The Department awards funds to state education agencies (SEAs), which make scholarship awards to eligible applicants. Students receive scholarships for college expenses.

Types of Projects

This program provides scholarships for postsecondary education.

Students having questions or concerns regarding the Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship Program should contact the the state education agency in their state of legal residence. Please refer to the list of state education agency contacts for more information.

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Last Modified: 05/06/2014