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Technical Assistance: Performance Reporting and Evaluation

Annual Performance Reporting allows programs to determine the overall effectiveness in meeting program goals and objectives, such as GPRA 1, GPRA 2, and Efficiency targets.

Program evaluation allows programs to: 1) provide data on GPRA 1,GPRA 2 and Efficiency targets; 2) determine at what level of quality program activities are being implemented; 3) identify strengths and weaknesses in program implementation and program effectiveness through tools such as exit interviews, surveys, observations, recruitment, counseling, or tutoring logs, and research analyses (finding correlations between practices and results). Program evaluation is both formative and summative, allowing for the use of annual performance results that may lead to recommendations for changes in programming.

2019 HEP Annual Performance Report

2017 HEP Annual Performance Report

2017 HEP Interim Performance Report


NewLogic Models and Program Evaluation (PDF, 866KB)

NewLevels and Examples of Evidence (PDF, 208KB)

NewThe What Works Clearinghouse: Ideas for HEP-CAMP Interventions (PDF, 200KB)

HEP-CAMP Evaluation: My Project’s Evaluation Needs (PDF, 538KB)

2017 Annual Director’s Meeting and New Director’s Orientation Presentations:

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