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Note: This site is primarily for Teacher Quality Enhancement Program grantees funded prior to 2009. The Higher Education Opportunity Act made substantial changes to the Teacher Quality Program. The new TQ Program is administered by the Office of Innovation and Improvement. The new program Web site may be found at: www.ed.gov/programs/tqpartnership/.

HEA Title II Reports on the Quality of Teacher Preparation

Scholarship Information

  • Scholarship Terms and Conditions Form: download files MS Word (67K) | PDF (190K)

  • Scholarship Terms and Conditions Addendum Form: download files MS Word (43K) | PDF (187K)

  • Verification of Teaching Obligation Form: download files MS Word (56K) | PDF (193K)

Student Financial Aid Provisions - Higher Education Act

  • Does the Higher Education Act provide loan forgiveness for teachers?

    Yes. The Higher Education Act now provides new loan forgiveness opportunities for some teachers who teach in high-need areas.

  • Who is eligible for loan forgiveness, and how much can be forgiven?

    The new loan forgiveness opportunities will attract and reward those who teach where the need is greatest by forgiving up to $5,000 of student loans after a teacher teaches for five years in a low-income community.

    The loan forgiveness provisions apply only to new borrowers on or after October 1, 1998.

    Teachers who meet this requirement may obtain $5,000 of loan forgiveness after they have been employed for five consecutive years in a school that is qualified for Perkins loan cancellation. Secondary school teachers must teach in a subject area that is relevant to their major. Elementary school teachers must have knowledge and teaching skills in reading, writing, mathematics, and other areas of the school's curriculum. Defaulted loans are not eligible for forgiveness (unless the borrower has made satisfactory repayment arrangements with the lender), and no payments will be refunded.

TQE - Project Information

  • Partnerships for Reform: Changing Teacher Preparation Through the Title II HEA Partnership Program: Final Report (2006) download files MS Word (2.08 MB) | PDF (1.01 MB)

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