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Transitioning Gang-Involved Youth to Higher Education Program

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ED Programs – Transitioning Gang-Involved Youth to Higher Education

Program Office: Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education
CFDA Number: 84.116Y
Program Type: Discretionary/Competitive Grants
Also Known As: Gang-Involved Youth Program

Program Description

The purpose of the Transitioning Gang-Involved Youth to Higher Education Program is to provide gang-involved youth with postsecondary education opportunities that will lead to certification or credentials.

Types of Projects

Grant(s) awarded under this program is for a period of three years. Required grant activities include:

  1. The establishment of partnerships between community colleges and public or private nonprofit organizations, community-based organizations (CBOs), industry partners, or other entities with a demonstrated record of working successfully with youth who are gang-involved to leverage services to support students in acquiring the knowledge, skills, and abilities to transition into an education beyond high school.
  2. In addition, community colleges must include the participation of their workforce or career services offices to assist with career placement services and developmental academic coursework for program participants. This may include working through their Workforce Development and Continuing Education divisions or other offices, as appropriate.
  3. Grantees must monitor the rates of student enrollment and completion, as well as placement in paid work experiences.
  4. A grant under this competition must have in place the necessary processes and systems to comply with the reporting requirements in 2 CFR part 170 should you receive funding under the competition. This does not apply if you have an exception under 2 CFR 170.110(b).
  5. At the end of the project period, grantees must submit a Final Performance Report, including financial information, as directed by the Secretary. If you receive a multiyear award, you must submit an Annual Performance Report that provides the most current performance and financial expenditure information as directed by the Secretary under 34 CFR 75.118. The Secretary may also require more frequent performance reports under 34 CFR 75.720(c). For specific requirements on reporting, please go to

Last Modified: 11/04/2021