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Who May Apply: (by category) Institutions of Higher Education(IHEs), Nonprofit Organizations, Other Nonprofit Organizations and/or Agencies

Who May Apply: (specifically) A combination of institutions, nonprofit organizations, and other nonprofit organizations or agencies also may apply.

The improvement of postsecondary education requires the participation and cooperation of many types of institutions, organizations, and agencies. FIPSE supports a wide range of nonprofit providers of educational services. Proposals may be submitted by two- and four-year colleges and universities, both public and private, accredited or non-accredited; graduate and professional schools; community organizations; libraries; museums; trade and technical schools; unions; consortia; student groups; state and local government agencies; nonprofit corporations; and associations. Proposals may be submitted by newly formed as well as established organizations, but not by individuals or for-profit schools and organizations. Other organizations may be eligible; the list here is not exhaustive.


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Last Modified: 10/16/2007