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Berkeley Policy Associates
Principal Investigator: Tiffani Chin
Project: Evaluation of the SOURCE (Student Outreach for College Enrollment) Program: An Intervention to Promote College Application and Enrollment Among Urban Youth

Board of Regents, University of Nebraska
Principal Investigator: Susan Sheridan
Project: Evaluation of the Efficacy of CBC for Addressing Disruptive Behaviors of Children at-Risk for Academic Failure

Chesapeake Research Associates, LLC
Principal Investigator: Michael Puma
Project: An Evaluation of Writing Wings: Writing Instruction for Disadvantaged Elementary School Children

Johns Hopkins University
Principal Investigator: Robert Balfanz
Project: Evaluation of the Computer and Team Assisted Mathematical Acceleration (CATAMA) Lab for Urban, High-Poverty, High-Minority Middle Grade Students

New York University School of Medicine
Principal Investigator: Laurie Brotman
Project: Promoting School Success in Children Attending Pre-K Programs in Poor, Urban Schools

Oregon Research Institute
Principal Investigator: Barbara Gun
Project: Evaluating the Efficacy of Read Well Kindergarten

RAND Corporation
Principal Investigator: John Pane
Project: Experimental Field Study of Cognitive Tutor Geometry Curriculum

The Trustees of Indiana University
Principal Investigator: Jonathan Plucker
Project: An Experimental Design Evaluation of Full Day Kindergarten

University of Maryland at College Park
Principal Investigator: Denise Gottfredson
Project: Effects of Enhanced After School Programs on Educational Outcomes: A Randomized Trial

University of Maryland at College Park
Principal Investigator: Sylvia Rosenfield
Project: An Experimental Study of the Effectiveness of Instructional Consultation Teams

University of Virginia
Principal Investigator: Laura Justice
Project: Efficacy of Conversational Responsiveness Preschool Language Intervention

Vanderbilt University
Principal Investigator: Mark Lipsey
Project: Evaluation of Ohio's School Conflict Management Program

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Last Modified: 10/06/2005