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Recognition Programs. In 2002, the Department began a new, revitalized Blue Ribbon Schools program, No Child Left Behind (NCLB)--Blue Ribbon Schools.

ED Pubs. The Education Publications Center (ED Pubs) distributes the Department's information products, such as publications, videos, CD-ROMs, posters, bookmarks, and other products free of charge to the public. ED Pubs is an easily accessible resource for teachers, parents, students, librarians, and others (

Unsolicited Grants. Each year, the Department receives and considers for funding a number of unsolicited grant proposals. In fiscal year 2002, the Department made 17 new unsolicited grant awards. The grants included the following projects:

  • The Education Leaders Council received $3.5 million for its Following the Leaders project (

  • Teach for America ( received $1 million to expand the pool of talented and committed individuals trained to become highly qualified teachers in our nation's poorest schools.

  • The National Urban League received $500,000 to establish Reading Information Centers in Cleveland, Houston, Miami, and Washington, DC, that distribute information on reading and literacy development to help parents help their children meet State and local reading and language arts standards. The centers also assist local and State literacy programs that promote scientifically based reading programs and help community-based organizations (such as churches, nonprofits, and other groups that offer after-school programs) design activities that will improve and enhance children's reading and literacy ability ( and

  • The Hispanic Scholarship Fund and the Hispanic Scholarship Fund Institute received $500,000 to help create the Partnership for Excellence in Latino Higher Education, a 3-year initiative to increase parental involvement in K-12 schools in Latino communities across the country. The partnership seeks to develop effective outreach strategies to Latino parents in order to empower them with information and resources to increase the success of their children in school ( and

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