Even Start Family Literacy Program Grants for Indian Tribes and Tribal Organizations

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Program Office: Office of Early Learning

CFDA Number: 84.258
Program Type: Discretionary/Competitive Grants
Also Known As: William F. Goodling Even Start Family Literacy Programs-Grants to Indian Tribes and Tribal Organizations


The purpose of this program is to help break the cycle of poverty and illiteracy by improving education opportunities of low-income families. This program integrates early childhood education, adult literacy or adult basic education, parenting education, and interactive parent-child literacy activities into a unified family literacy program for federally recognized Indian tribes and tribal organizations.


Projects provide integrated family literacy services that include: research-based early childhood education; adult literacy (adult basic and secondary-level education and instruction for limited English proficient [LEP] individuals); parenting education; and interactive parent-child literacy activities for eligible families, often through other entities providing these services, such as Head Start programs and other public and private community-based groups. Projects operate year-round, including the summer months, and provide staff training and support services, such as child care and transportation-when unavailable from other sources-to enable participation in core education activities.

Last Modified: 04/09/2014