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From the total appropriation, the majority of Even Start funds are allocated by formula to states, based on their relative share of Title I, Part A, funds.

In addition, 6 percent of the annual appropriation (5 percent if the total appropriation is $200 million or below) is set aside for federal discretionary grants to family literacy programs for migratory worker families, federally-recognized Indian tribes and tribal organizations the outlying areas. The Department also must award one grant during the authorization period to fund a family literacy program in a women's prison.

Up to 3 percent of the total appropriation is also reserved for national evaluation and technical assistance activities.

Local Subgrant Applicant Information

State education agencies make competitive subgrants to partnerships of local education agencies and other organizations, giving priority to proposals that primarily target areas with large numbers of most-in-need families or to projects located in empowerment zones or enterprise communities. The statute also requires that subgrants be equitably distributed among urban and rural areas and that local projects assume an increasing share of program costs each year. The increasing share of the program expenses ranges from 10 percent in the first year through 40 percent in the fourth year. Cost-sharing for years five through eight is 50 percent, and, after the eighth year of federal Even Start funding, the federal Even Start share may not exceed 35 percent.

Contact your Even Start Coordinator for application information.

Last Modified: 09/01/2006