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Name of the Project

Idaho Family Literacy Initiative

Grantee Contact


Even Start Statewide Family Literacy Coordinator

Valerie Aker

State Department of Education

P.O. Box 83720, Len B. Jordan Office Bldg.

650 West State Street

Boise, Idaho 83720-0027

Tel: (208) 332-6901 and Fax: (208) 334-4664

E-mail: vaker@sde.state.id.us

Even Start Statewide Family Literacy Initiative Project Goals

  • To build a common purpose within the Family Literacy Cabinet to create a comprehensive and coordinated system of resources and support
  • To build capacity within existing efforts to deliver quality services and professional development Statewide, demonstrated through consistent goals, shared access, and in common best practices
  • To extend and expand family literacy efforts within existing programs by implementing initiatives consistent with Even Start purposes
  • To establish and use indicators of program quality for evaluation of family literacy programs consistent with the Even Start statute

Project Description

The Family Literacy Initiative in Idaho is designed to build upon the existing Family Literacy Cabinet that was formed in February of 1998 by the State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Its purpose was to increase collaboration among family literacy providers and to promote best practices during annual family literacy institutes. Under the auspices of the Family Literacy Initiative, the Family Literacy Cabinet will develop and implement indicators of quality programs, assess present practices, identify options, implement collaborative efforts, and evaluate next steps. The Cabinet will also commit funds and resources, ensure delivery of funds and resources, evaluate implementation and results, form additional partnerships, and continue to improve and coordinate the delivery of literacy services for low-income families with young children.

Key activities under the initiative include development of common professional development, resources, and training opportunities; utilization of a communication network to access best practices and current research on learning and literacy; and development of a common web site and listserv.


  • Using research on reading and literacy in program planning
  • Implementing a professional development plan for staff
  • Increasing the intensity of family literacy activities for school-age children (up to 7 years old)
  • Improving local evaluation methods and practices
  • Absolute Priority: Family Literacy Performance Indicators

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Last Modified: 12/01/2004