Even Start Statewide Family Literacy Initiative

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Name of the Project

California Family Literacy Consortium (CFLC) Project

Grantee Contact

Sallie Wilson

CA Dept. of Education

721 Capitol Mall, 3rd Floor

Sacramento CA 95814-2720

Tel: (916) 654-6369

Fax: (916) 653-3987

E-mail: swilson@cde.ca.gov

Even Start Statewide Family Literacy Coordinator

Gloria Guzman-Walker

ES State Coordinator

CA Dept. of Education

721 Capitol Mall, 3rd Floor

Sacramento CA 95814-2720

Tel: (916) 657-3034

Fax: (916) 653-3987

Even Start Statewide Family Literacy Initiative Project Goals

  • Overall Goal: Adults and children participating in family literacy programs will achieve literacy according to Statewide Indicators of Program Quality and Performance Standards.
  • Subgoals:

    • The consortium will develop a comprehensive Statewide family literacy training and technical assistance infrastructure that supports implementation of indicators of program quality and performance standards.
    • All consortium members will effectively implement all four components of a comprehensive family literacy program.

Project Description

The primary purpose of the California Family Literacy Consortium (CFLC) project is to strengthen and expand family literacy services to new populations and within existing programs according to new definitions of quality and performance. Each consortium partner has an interest and/or a statutory mandate to implement family literacy within each of its programs. To achieve the above stated goals, the CFLC plan includes detailed objectives, implementation steps and activities.

Priorities Addressed

  • Using research on reading and literacy in program planning
  • Implementing a professional development plan for staff
  • Increasing the intensity of family literacy activities for school-age children (up to 7 years old)
  • Improving local evaluation methods and practices
  • Absolute Priority: Family Literacy Performance Indicators

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Last Modified: 11/30/2004