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Women’s Educational Equity Act Program FY 2009 Grantee Abstract
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Project Name:Gender Equity Mathematics and Science (GEMS)
Project Contact: Jose L. Egremy, (210) 486-4391
Mailing Address: Northwest Vista College
Academic Affairs Natural and Physical Sciences
3535 North Ellison Drive
San Antonio, TX 78251

The GEMS Project will cultivate a capable, more diverse workforce in the fields of science and mathematics, with concentrated effort on recruiting and increasing the number of women and ethnic minority students pursuing majors and careers in science and math disciplines. The activities and services of the GEMS Project are designed to increase the number of female students pursuing advanced studies in mathematics and science, graduating from high school college-ready, and enrolling in science or math programs of study at the post-secondary level. The GEMS Project will recruit and identify low-income, underserved female students at risk of not meeting challenging State academic standards and not completing high school. Through a range of academically rigorous outreach participatory activities, the target population will develop competencies and skills to successfully engage in studies in science and math disciplines. The project will coordinate existing resources; provide comprehensive support services for female secondary school students; provide faculty to serve as mentors; offer academic and Saturday programs; and educational and cultural activities. The broader impact of the project is founded on augmenting the number of students pursuing careers in science and engineering fields by improving access to, and persistence in higher education, leading to the attainment of higher education degrees and employment in workforce and/or a baccalaureate degree program in the science and engineering areas.

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Last Modified: 09/19/2013