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Women’s Educational Equity Act Program FY 2009 Grantee Abstract
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Project Name:Berea College Women’s Equity in Education
Project Contact: Dreama Gentry, (859) 985-3853
Mailing Address: Berea College
Institutional Compliance Academic Provost Office
CPO 2185
Berea, KY 40404

The Berea College WEEA Partnership will provide direct services to 50 high school women who are at great risk of not meeting challenging state academic standards and not completing high school. All participants will be low-income. At least one-half will be from Appalachian communities and at least one-half will be African American. The overarching goal is to promote gender equity in education and for participants to achieve proficiency in science.

Participants will receive the following intensive services: academic assessment and intervention, tutoring in science and math, college and career planning, summer academic and college preparation activities, electronic mentoring, access to advanced placement and advanced courses, and participation in science career fairs. Recognizing the importance of engaging parents and teachers, an intensive college planning program will be provided for parents, parent-student college visits will occur, and professional development will be provided to teachers.

All services are designed to improve the academic achievement of participating students. Project goals and measurable outcomes are as follows:

GOAL I: To ensure equal access to advanced science courses for young women.
Outcome 1.1: 90% of WEEA students will graduate from high school.
Outcome 1.2: By spring of 2013, 40% more WEEA students will have enrolled and successfully completed advanced science courses as compared to a control group of students.
GOAL II: To ensure equal access to science educational careers for young women.
Outcome 2.1: By the spring of 2013, 30% more WEEA students will indicate an educational plan for a career in a science field as compared to a control group of students.
GOAL III: WEEA students will achieve proficiency or advanced proficiency in science.
Outcome 3.1: By April 2013, there will be a 40% increase in the number of female WEEA students achieving proficiency or advanced proficiency in science as measured by CATS.

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Last Modified: 09/19/2013