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Women’s Educational Equity Act Program FY 2009 Grantee Abstract
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Project Name:Science and Mathematics
Engagement and Instruction (SaMEI)
Project Contact: John Loehr Ph.D., (773) 553-6384
Mailing Address: Chicago Public Schools, District #299
125 S. Clark Street, 5th Floor
Chicago, IL 60603

The Chicago Public Schools (CPS) proposes the Science and Mathematics Engagement and Instruction (SaMEI) project to transform girls' relationships with and performance in these subjects (Absolute Priorities 1 and 2). The focus is on entry into and progression through high school (Competitive Preference Priority). SaMEI is an integrated part of the district's larger High School Transformation initiative.

The problems addressed by the project include girls' lack of confidence in their science and mathematics abilities; lack of interest and disengagement in these subjects; weaknesses in spatial skills, failure to remain academically on-track in 9th grade with a high Algebra failure rate (boys also), and an achievement decline in comparison to boys on 11th grade State assessments. A linked problem is the lack of explicit gender equity strategies in curriculum and instruction. Evaluation of corresponding goals and objectives will show affective and achievement gains on the part of girls in comparison to boys and in comparison to control groups using pre and post testing (Absolute Priority 3) as well as improved gender-related instruction on the part of teachers.

To carry out goals and objectives, SaMEI will develop and implement an integrated science/mathematics curriculum module and linked teacher professional develop with specific girl-empowering strategies for the summer Freshmen Connection. Included will be afternoon enrichment activities, the involvement of parents, and an alliance of community provider of out-of-school science and mathematics programs. Freshman Connection will better prepare students, especially girls, for the more rigorous curriculum that is part of High School Transformation. CPS, as an in-kind contribution, will expand successful strategies to school-year curriculum, instruction, and supplemental activities, eventually impacting all 43 High School Transformation schools.

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Last Modified: 09/19/2013