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Elementary and Secondary School Counseling Programs

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FY 2009 Grant Awards

Program Abstract
Fiscal Year 2009

Grantees under this competition will use funds to support counseling programs in target elementary and secondary schools. Schools will establish or expand counseling programs through hiring qualified school counselors, school social workers, school psychologists, or child and adolescent psychiatrists with a goal of expanding the range, availability, quantity and quality of counseling services available. Counseling services will use a developmental, prevention approach, and will be designed and implemented with the involvement of parents of the participating students.

To address Government Performance and Results Act measures for the program, grantees will use funds to help them close the gap between their student/mental health professional ratios and the student/mental health professional ratios recommended by the statute, and reduce the number of disciplinary referrals in schools participating in the program. Grantees have identified other project-specific goals that include improved student attendance and academic performance, social skills development, parental involvement, counselor and teacher professional development, and collaboration with community-based organizations that provide mental health and other services to students.

Applicant PR/Award # Amount Grade Level
Lake and Peninsula Borough SD Q215E090003 $240,695 Elementary & Secondary
American Samoa Government      
American Samoa Schools Q215E090027 $322,125 Elementary
Gadsden City School District Q215E090036 $381,804 Elementary
Southgate Academy, Inc. Q215E090026 $391,258 Elementary
Whiteriver School District Q215E090069 $400,000 Elementary
San Marcos Unified SDQ215E090043$376,339Elementary
Redondo Beach Unified SDQ215E090042$385,408Elementary
Monrovia Unified School Dist.Q215E090052$382,880Elementary
Firebaugh-Las Deltas USDQ215E090034$368,888Secondary
Poudre School DistrictQ215E090044$282,645Elementary
Montezuma-Cortez SD RE-1Q215E090038$378,300Elementary
East Hartford Public SchoolsQ215E090060$383,008Elementary
Capital School DistrictQ215E090046$196,326Elementary
Keoukuk Community Sch. Dist.Q215E090045$396,610 Elementary
Jefferson County Public SchoolsQ215E090041$362,210Elementary
School Union 106Q215E090029$360,489Elementary
Sanford Maine School Dept.Q215E090001$400,000Secondary
Washington County Public Sch.Q215E090023$344,079Elementary
New Bedford Public SchoolsQ215E090025$390,726Elementary
Agawam Public SchoolsQ215E090022$378,770Elementary
Neighborhood House CharterQ215E090035$206,386Elementary
PS of the City of MuskegonQ215E090030$378,669Elementary
Voyageur AcademyQ215E090032$399,988Elementary
Star International AcademyQ215E090006$183,201Elementary & Secondary
Osseo Area SchoolsQ215E090018$397,743Elementary
Maryville R-11 School DistrictQ215E090067$399,986Elementary
South Sioux City Comm. SchoolsQ215E090007$$400,000Elementary & Secondary
New Jersey      
Old Bridge Township Public Sch. Q215E090031$311,149 Elementary
Palmyra Board of Education Q215E090065$143,844 Elementary
Teaneck Board of Education Q215E090021$298,630 Elementary
Camden City Board of Education Q215E090020 $389,236 Elementary
New York      
Port Byron School DistrictQ215E090048$362,850Elementary
Bolivar-Richburg Central SDQ215E090039$357,488 Elementary
Syracuse City School DistrictQ215E090051$396,913 Elementary
NYC Department of EducationQ215E090028$400,000 Elementary
Lyndonville Central School DistQ215E090037$163,508 Elementary
Freeport Public SchoolsQ215E090066$378,810 Elementary
Utica City SchoolsQ215E090063$215,641 Elementary
Board of Education, BuffaloQ215E090059$400,000Elementary
NYC Dept. of Education SD #25 Q215E090013$399,001Secondary
Green Tech High School CharterQ215E090002$388,600Secondary
Southern Local SchoolsQ215E090019$365,282 Elementary
Highland Local SchoolsQ215E090016$390,631 Elementary
Shelby Co. Ed Service CenterQ215E090058$400,000 Elementary
Parma City School District Q215E090057 $359,374 Elementary
Howe Public SchoolsQ215E090040$187,701Elementary
Westville Public SchoolsQ215E090056$364,722Elementary
Checotah Public SchoolsQ215E090004$322,856Elementary & Secondary
Tahlequah Public Schools Q215E090012$324,211Secondary
Chester Comm. Charter School Q215E090050 $399,500 Elementary
Chambersburg Area School Dist. Q215E090053 $378,825 Elementary
Rhode Island      
Central Falls School DistrictQ215E090061$398,625Elementary
South Carolina      
Chester County School DistrictQ215E090014$208,365Elementary & Secondary
South Dakota      
Todd County School District 66-1Q215E090062$166,250Elementary
Kingsport City SchoolsQ215E090017$133,300Elementary
Stewart County School SystemQ215E090024$348,288Elementary & Secondary
Comfort Independent Sch. Dist. Q215E090049$325,052 Elementary
Socorro Independent Sch. Dist.Q215E090054$394,603 Elementary
Bloomington Independent SDQ215E090015$315,274 Elementary
Cuero Independent School Dist. Q215E090068$389,653 Elementary
Pleasanton Independent Sch. Dist.Q215E090055 $384,314 Elementary
ESC Region 12Q215E090008 $400,000Elementary & Secondary
Wellpinit School District #49Q215E090011$166,803Elementary & Secondary
Norwalk-Ontario Wilton SchoolsQ215E090047$227,551 Elementary

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Last Modified: 04/17/2009