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Grant Recipients and Project Descriptions

BOCES Geneseo Migrant Center
27 Lackawanna Avenue
Mt. Morris, New York 14510

Project Director: Robert Lynch
Telephone: 716-658-7960
Grant Award Amount: $675,300

FACES (Foundation for Advancement through Civics Education Services)
FACES (Foundation for Advancement through Civics Education Services) has developed a curriculum, Living in America, for migrant farm workers tailored to needs, interests, and language proficiency of beginning level adult English Language Learner (ELLs). The project developed a portable curriculum for teachers with 30 non-sequential packets-stand-alone, 2-hours units pairing life skills with corresponding civic responsibilities.

Bronx Community College of the City University of New York
University Avenue and West 181st Street
Bronx, New York 10453-3102

Project Director: Jean Napper
Telephone: 718-289-5844
Grant Award Amount: $ 610,000

EL/Civics Education Program
BCC conducted a two-year demonstration project in English Literacy contextualized with Civics Education. The project produced outcome data concerning reasonable expectations for gain in English as well as gain in civics knowledge that can be achieved in twelve-week cycles and twenty-four week cycles of nine-hour-per week instruction. The project has produced three products: a report that includes detailed outcomes; a "How-to" Handbook of successful instructional strategies and administrative procedures; and an Authentic Assessment Checklist of Civics Understanding. 524 participated, 376 completed the program and 40% gained one or more levels of progress.

California Literacy, Inc.
2028 East Villa Street
Pasadena, California 91107-2379

Project Director: Matthew Scelza
Telephone: 626-395-9989
Grant Award Amount: $ 453,100

Process of English And Civics Education (PEACE)
California Literacy, Inc. created an EL/Civics curriculum called Process of English And Civics Education (PEACE). PEACE is a field-tested, research-based, action-oriented curriculum for adult learners with low literacy skills. Seven adult education agencies, with more than 60 percent of learners demonstrated significant learning gains. Portions of the curriculum are available for free downloading, and the entire curriculum will be available (for purchase) in early 2003.

Catholic Social Services of Fall River, Inc.
783 Slade Street
Fall River, Massachusetts 02724

Project Director: Eva dos Santos
Telephone: 508-674-4681
Grant Award Amount: $ 521,200

EL/Civics Education Program
For the past two years, the EL/Civics Project at Catholic Social Services of Fall River, Massachusetts, enrolled over 800 students throughout southeast Massachusetts. These learners attended ESL, Citizenship, Literacy and Civics classes. EL/Civics program provided classes, one-on-one and small groups on a flexible schedule. The adult learners came from a variety of countries such as Afghanistan, Ecuador, Brazil, China, Mongolia, Guatemala, Senegal, Portugal, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Haiti. Of these learners, a significant percentage demonstrated marked improvement in skill level and went on to a higher level of English.

The Center: Resources for Teaching and Learning
1855 Mt. Prospect Road
Des Plaines, Illinois 60018-1805

Project Director: Sue Barauski
Telephone: 847-803-3535
Grant Award Amount: $ 534,427

Illinois Connections Project
The Illinois Connections Project developed a comprehensive, illustrated EL/Civics curriculum (renamed "Community Connections") for adult learners of all levels, including those with limited native-language or second-language literacy. The impact of the project on learners is reflected in increased retention at the beginning and multi-level classes and learners immediately see the connection between class work and their daily lives, feeling more comfortable using English. The six curriculum modules developed are: the Democratic Process; Community and Home Safety; the Public Library; the U.S. School System; Public Health, and Housing. The project had six primary partners, including the Illinois State Library.

Coalition of Limited Speaking Elderly
54 West Jackson Blvd.
Chicago, Illinois 60604

Project Director: Rosemary Gemperle
Telephone: 312-461-0812
Grant Award Amount: $ 326,880

EL/Civics Education Program
The Coalition of Limited English Speaking Elderly, in Chicago, developed and tested innovative curriculum (daily life) and methods for low literate elderly learners to teach English. For example, students from Bosnia, Cambodia, China, India and Korea learned to communicate in English and can now participate in English conversations with family members, grand children and community members. The elderly decreased their social isolation and increased their civic participation while they solved real-life problems and learned about their neighborhood and city.

The Fortune Society, Inc.
53 West 23th Street
New York, New York 10011

Project Director: John Gordon
Telephone: 212-691-7554
Grant Award Amount: $ 481,200

ESOL & Effective Citizenry Program
This project created a research-based curricula and relevant materials for Spanish speaking ex-offenders that integrates English literacy and civics knowledge. The learners contributed to the curricula from their own experiences with legal and civics issues. Assessment tools are the NYS Place Test, native language literacy screening, portfolio assessment and teacher developed alternative tools. One hundred and nine adult learners were served under this two-year program.

Lutheran Social Services of New England
425 Union Street
West Springfield, Massachusetts 01089

Project Director: Dinah Hale Telephone: 413-787-0725, x. 36
Grant Award Amount: $ 685,200

Empowerment Voice
The purpose of the Empowerment Voice was to provide English literacy and civics instruction to adult learners. The empowerment team produced civics curriculum and lesson plans. Class content included a wide range of civics activities, ESL instruction and workplace education. Research publications formed the basis for the curriculum. The project collaborated with several primary partners, including the Institute for Community Inclusion, Housing Authority and Westfield Head Start, Worcester Workforce Central, and Elder Apartment Buildings.

National Alliance of Vietnamese American Service Agencies
11501 Georgia Avenue
Wheaton, Maryland 20902-1954

Project Director: Huy V. Bui
Telephone: 301-962-7135
Grant Award Amount: $ 606,600

EL/Civics Education Program
The National Alliance of Vietnamese American Service Agencies (NAVASA) and its nine affiliates successfully completed its national English Literacy/Civics Education project. In two years, the program made significant impacts on lives of thousands of refugees and immigrants in Silver Spring (MD), San Francisco (CA), and Boston (MA), to mention a few areas. 3,245 adult students received EL/Civics education of which 693 individuals became naturalized citizens. More than 600 immigrants obtained employment. The majority of project adults served were from Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

PBS Literacy Link
1320 Braddock Place
Alexandria, Virginia 22314-1649

Project Director: Fran Keenan
Telephone 703-739-8665
Grant Award Amount: $ 626,250

PBS ESL/CivicsLink
PBS ESL/CivicsLink is a new online professional development service for adult education ESL teachers. This online system will help instructors teach speakers of other languages effectively, strengthen cross-cultural awareness, and integrate English literacy instruction and civics education. This flexible online system addresses core issues in teaching English and civics and encourages active engagement through project-based learning. It works for small group study with peer mentoring and with both facilitated and non-facilitated models. Teachers get customized portfolios in which to save journal entries, lesson plans, project work, and they can collaborate with peers via threaded discussions and email.

Southern Westchester Board of Cooperative Education Service (BOCES)
2 Westchester Plaza
Elmsford, New York 10523

Project Director: Maria Morgan
Telephone: 215-204-3212
Grant Award Amount: $ 690,000

EL/Civics Education Program
The major goal of this project was to establish two learning centers in high need communities, which enabled immigrants in Westchester County become literate, acquire civics skills and become naturalized citizens. The curriculum and subsequent lessons were designed for students on levels I and II. Technology labs were established in two public libraries, which also hosted the daily English language literacy classes taught by BOCES teachers. During the two-year project 1,636 adult students improved their language skills and 2,000 attended citizenship workshops.

Temple University
1601 North Broad Street, USB 206
Philadelphia Pennsylvania 19122

Project Director: Tina Kluetmeier
Telephone: 215-204-3212
Grant Award Amount: $ 693,858

Project SHINE (Students Helping in the Naturalization of Elders)
Project SHINE is a national service-learning initiative that builds partnerships between colleges, universities, community and faith-based organizations to assist older immigrants with English literacy and civics education. Through its First Amendment Project, SHINE is building the capacity of ESL teachers and community-based organizations to provide quality instruction to immigrant and refugee elders. Participating teachers have developed learner-centered thematic units that will be available on the web in the summer of 2003.

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