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CFDA Number: 84.305C
Program Type: Discretionary/Competitive Grants

The Education Sciences Reform Act of 2002 requires that the Institute support not less than eight national research and development centers (centers), with each center covering not less than one of 11 topics of research listed in the statute. The Institute intends for the new centers to contribute significantly to the solution of education problems in the United States by developing, testing, and disseminating new approaches to improve teaching and learning, and ultimately, student achievement. Each of the centers conducts a focused program of education research in its topic area. In addition, each center is conducting supplemental research within its broad topic area, and works cooperatively with the Institute to disseminate rigorous evidence and information to educators and policy-makers as well as to provide national leadership in defining research and development directions within its topic area. The mission of the centers is to contribute to the production and dissemination of new knowledge and products that provide practical solutions to important education problems in the United States.

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Last Modified: 09/28/2007