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CFDA Number: 84.215B
Program Type: Discretionary/Competitive Grants


This program promoted economic and financial literacy among all students in kindergarten through grade 12 through the award of one grant to a national nonprofit education organization that has as its primary purpose the improvement of the quality of student understanding of personal finance and economics.


The Council for Economic Education (CEE) administered a comprehensive, nationwide outreach endeavor that promoted economic, financial, and entrepreneurship education for students in grades K-12. CEE received a grant, totaling $2,876,636.00, to support state and local providers of economic, financial, and entrepreneurship education in program delivery, sponsor activities to foster more research in the field, and encouragement of the professional development of grade K-12 educators through EEE. CEE concluded its efforts in 2013. Please see below for CEE’s final performance report, which summarizes the activities under the grant.

CEE’s final performance report download files PDF (12,902 KB)

Additional Information

The Excellence in Economic Education Program promoted economic and financial literacy among all K-12 students.. The objectives of this program were to: (1) increase students' knowledge of and achievement in economics; (2) strengthen teachers' understanding of economics; (3) encourage economic education research and development, disseminate effective instructional materials, and promote the replication of best practices and exemplary programs that foster economic literacy; (4) assist States in measuring the impact of education in economics; and (5) leverage and expand increased private and public support for economic education partnerships at the national, State, and local levels.

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Last Modified: 04/02/2014