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The purpose of the Excellence in Economic Education Program (EEE), underwritten by the Department of Education, is to “promote economic and financial literacy among all students in kindergarten through grade 12 through the award of one grant to a national non-profit educational organization that has as its primary purpose the improvement of the quality of student understanding of personal finance and economics.” Similarly, for over 55 years, the Council on Economic Education's (CEE) mission has been to promote economic and financial literacy to all students in grades K-12 using its network of State Councils and over 200 University based centers. Using these resources, CEE has trained thousands of teachers who have reached millions of students.

With funding provided by EEE, the CEE and its network will expand its current programs and develop new programs. CEE will reach out to other organizations, such as Junior Achievement, Jump$tart, and the National Academy of Finance to encourage them to apply as sub-grantees for funds to expand their programs and/or develop new programs. Under the terms of the grant, CEE will strengthen and expand relationships with state and local personal finance, entrepreneurial, and economic education organizations by offering a variety of programs designed to advance the cause of economic and financial literacy.

CEE will also fund about 140 grants to other organizations involving teacher training, the distribution of curriculum materials to the schools, research that measures student learning, student or school based activities, and replication of best practices. CEE can deliver on all aspects of the EEE because of its network of State Councils and University based centers. CEE will also have success because of the respect and strong working relationship it has developed with other organizations who are interested in promoting economic and financial literacy.

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Last Modified: 07/20/2009