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Project School Emergency Response to Violence (SERV)

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Applicant Information

LEAs and IHEs may apply for two types of assistance under Project SERV: Immediate Services grants and Extended Services grants. Applicants are not required to apply for, or have received, an Immediate Services grant to be eligible for funding under Extended Services . Applicants that wish to apply for both Immediate Services and Extended Services grants must submit a separate application for each grant.

Immediate Services Grants: Immediate Services grants are intended to provide short-term support shortly after a traumatic event. Immediate Services grants are intended to provide a limited amount of funds to meet acute needs and restore the learning environment. The application process is not intended to be burdensome. Typically, applications include a narrative of about 4-5 pages and contain the following information:

  1. Description of the school district (i.e., small, rural district with enrollment of X number of students, demographic information, etc.);
  2. Description of the traumatic incident;
  3. Description of the impact the incident has had on the learning environment;
  4. Explanation of proposed activities designed to restore the learning environment; and
  5. Budget and budget narrative.

Under an Immediate Services grant, districts may request up to $50,000 for a period of six months.

Extended Services Grants: Extended Services grants are intended to address the long-term recovery efforts that may be needed following a traumatic event. Extended Services grants may provide up to $250,000 for 18 months to help students, teachers, and school staff recover from a traumatic event. Extended Services applications are considered unsolicited grant applications and undergo a rigorous internal review by the Office of Safe and Healthy Students and the Office of the General Counsel. After review by staff members, the application is peer reviewed by an outside panel before being considered for funding.

For further information and a description of the selection criteria for the extended service grants please contact


Applications are funded on a continuous basis.

Last Modified: 04/11/2017