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Models of Exemplary, Effective, and Promising Alcohol or Other Drug Abuse Prevention Programs on College Campuses

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Who May Apply: (by category) Institutions of Higher Education (IHEs)

Who May Apply: (specifically)This competition limits eligibility to institutions of higher education (IHEs) that offer an associate or baccalaureate degree.

Limitations on Eligibility Exemplary or effective programs: The length of time an IHE is ineligible for a subsequent award after receiving recognition for an exemplary or effective program is three years.

Promising programs: Programs recognized as promising may be eligible for a new award when their current grant is no longer active. A grant is considered active until the end of the grant’s project or funding period, including any extensions of those periods that extend the grantee’s authority to obligate funds. A project that fails to achieve exemplary or effective status after a second designation as a promising program may not reapply for three years after its second project period is no longer active.

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Last Modified: 04/04/2008